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"Always the classic elegance of a simple ring - also reminds me of my Mum!"

By Melissa Ban
1 min read

💞How and where did you first meet? And how long have you been together?

"We met working together in 2018 - celebrating our 5th anniversary in April!"

📅And how did you propose?

We went to our favourite beach in Cornwall - we left early in the morning and had the beach to ourselves. The weather was amazing and it was the most beautiful day.

😎What was your inspiration behind the design, why choose the styles?

Always the classic elegance of a simple ring - also reminds me of my Mums!
Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 18ct Yellow Gold

💍 How did you find the bespoke process and our services?

We couldn't have asked for more support in creating our dream ring. From the first appointment the whole team made us feel so comfortable and gave us loads of information and advice that was perfect to help us finding what we loved. They made the whole experience such a happy and enjoyable one, and we are so grateful we went through this process with them. Our ring is exactly what we dreamed of - it's perfect!

👀 What was your favourite part of the process?

Finding out about all the small details about rings that we never knew!! Being able to see such a wide range of choices and feeling like we had so much say in what we were looking for.

🤔 What would be your one piece of advice for couples looking for an engagement ring? 

Don't make the process a stressful one - it's one of the most exciting and happy times you can share together; enjoy the journey of finding out what you both love the most and look forward to being able to wear the ring that will represent the 2 of you forever!

Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 18ct Yellow Gold

What next?

If you’re feeling inspired to choose and create the engagement ring that best suits your style, we’re just waiting to hear from you. Get in touch with our jewellery designers to create something that’s truly ‘you’.

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