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Past, Present and Future

As a well respected and long-standing Hatton Garden jeweller, Holts feel it is our responsibility to be at the forefront of contributing to a fair and positive influence within the gold mining industry. Whilst this is a vast, long term plan, we are ensuring we are taking the right steps in achieving a fair and viable future.

Over 70 Years of History of Holts


GIA Certified Diamonds

At Holts Gems, we only supply GIA certified diamonds, because we want to ensure each part of your diamond engagement ring is of the highest quality possible. As well as sourcing GIA diamonds, we support the UK’s involvement in the Kimberley Process, which has now ensured that 99.8% of diamonds in the global market are conflict free.


Our Gemstones

Supported by our sister companies Holts Lapidary and London Gemstone Company, we are proud to have one of the largest coloured gemstone stocks in the UK. We hold a large range of certificated stones including GIA and AGL.


Recycled Gold

As renowned and established jewellers, we have the power to make the choices as to where we source each component of our materials, so we believe it is our social responsibility to understand and recognise the background of our gold’s ethnicity, to the best of our ability. When choosing your next piece with us, know that you too are helping us make changes towards part of the bigger picture in supporting communities and reflecting beautiful changes in a wonderful industry.

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