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Diamond Cut

Along with most industry experts, we consider ‘cut’ to be the most important of the 4 Cs. Rather than the shape of the diamond, cut refers to the dimensions that each facet has been cut and polished to.

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Diamond Colour

The colour grade of a diamond is what we consider to be the second most important of the 4 Cs.

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Diamond Clarity

The GIA states that a diamond’s clarity grade describes “the appearance and placement of characteristics both inside the diamond and on its surface”.

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Diamond Carat Weight

Diamond carat weight is a measurement of how much the stone weighs, a metric “carat” is defined as 200 milligrams, or one fifth of a gram.

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Diamond Polish

Polish is graded on a scale from Excellent to Poor based on the presence and visibility of polish features at 10x magnification.

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Diamond Symmetry

The Carat of the cut determines how brilliant a diamond is. Life is too short for a diamond that is not brilliant. All of our diamonds are cut to perfection.

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