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'From beginning to end Holts was magical...'

The catalogue of stones is impressive. You really are gemologists....
By Melissa Ban
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'From beginning to end Holts was magical...'

💞How and where did you first meet? And how long have you been together?

8 years in February. We met at the University of Sheffield.

📅And how did you propose?

A huge surprise awaited Chineme with a bottle of champagne, hours of coordinating with hotel staff and several rose petals scattered saying “Will you marry me?”

😎What was your inspiration behind the design, why choose the styles?

Sapphire is a strong stone, and is Tom’s birth stone too. I have a keen taste for a regal blue. An elegant, timeless colour. I wanted a solitaire to truly accentuate the sapphire and the hidden halo for a sprinkle of glam.

💍How did you find the bespoke process and our services?

From beginning to end Alicja was magical. She was patient with us, taking the time to tell us what was possible. Nothing felt impossible. Alicja always found a way to capture my vision on paper including countless hours reviewing how we could take inspo from Emily Maitlis’ ring.

👀What was your favourite part of the process?

Definitely getting to pick the gemstone. The catalogue of stones is impressive. You really are gemologists.

🤔What would be your one piece of advice for couples looking for an engagement ring?

Start with the stone. Find the right stone for you and build your perfect ring from there.

What next?

If you’re feeling inspired to choose and create the engagement ring that best suits your style, we’re just waiting to hear from you. Get in touch to create something that’s truly ‘you’.

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