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Award-winning jewellers in Hatton Garden, specialising in fine, bespoke diamond & gemstone jewellery.

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Hatton Garden Jewellers

Based in London's jewellery quarter, Holts Gems is one of the area's longest standing Hatton Garden jewellers, founded in 1948. With a new generation of experts at the helm, and a contemporary take on custom jewellery creation, we’re here to provide you with the best in bespoke engagement rings, wedding rings and fine jewellery.


Engagement Rings

Browse our collection of customisable, contemporary & classic engagement rings. Designed and crafted in Hatton Garden.


Wedding Rings

Create a wedding ring to fit seamlessly alongside your engagement ring, or explore our collection of men’s & women’s wedding rings.


Diamonds & Gemstones

Our qualified gemmologists will help you find the perfect centre stone for your engagement ring, using their expertise to prepare a selection of the finest ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones for your design.

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Truly Bespoke

We design and craft each ring commission in-house, from start to finish. Be part of the process and create something truly unique.


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About us

Bringing our past into the present

Holts Gems has been an accomplished Hatton Garden jewellers for over 70 years. Founded on values of impeccable craftsmanship with exceptional diamond and gemstone expertise, Holts Gems uphold an ethos of supporting, nurturing and executing true artisanal excellence.


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We’re based in the heart of Hatton Garden

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Whether you’re ready to begin the process of crafting your ring or would like a little more info, we’re here to help. Book an appointment or get in touch to speak with one of our experts.


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Why should you visit Hatton Garden?

Hatton Garden has a long history of hosting London’s diamond and jewellery scene, with goldsmiths, jewellery artisans and gemstone dealers taking up occupancy since the medieval ages. Whilst still largely devoted to the jewellery business, Hatton Garden has welcomed an influx of creative and media agencies as well as the growth of foodie haven Leather Lane market, contributing to the colourful hub it is today. Just like the area, Holts Gems has grown and evolved to become the purveyors of contemporary classics it is today, specialising in modern bridal, engagement ring and wedding jewellery that is both relevant to today’s jewellery buyers, whilst enduring and timeless.


Why do people buy engagement rings from Hatton Garden?

Since its dawn as a jewellery hub in the Medieval era, Hatton Garden has remained the most prominent destination in the UK to create and buy fine jewellery. Traders in Hatton Garden consists of some of the most reputable and distinguished diamond and gemstone dealers in London, the UK, and even globally. Whilst Hatton Garden is home to a vibrant and diverse scene, the area is small - meaning some of the world’s finest diamonds are on our very doorstep, just metres away from our studio. The volume and diversity of diamonds available in Hatton Garden has driven the area’s identity as the UK’s go-to engagement ring buying destination.

During the 19th and 20th century, large diamond jewellery powerhouses took up shop in areas like Bond Street, their vast rents and marketing costs increasing the cost of their engagement rings. With a more authentic and artisanal approach, Hatton Garden engagement rings are a reputably more economical choice as jewellers don’t incur the massive overheads of the big-name brands. Hatton Garden jewellers like Holts Gems operate with the same, if not greater, finesse, craftsmanship and diamond and gemstone-specific expertise. Despite the success of big name brands based in the centre of London’s shopping districts, Hatton Garden has remained a destination for expertly crafted, exquisite engagement rings

Once filled with artisanal makers and bespoke jewellers, the area is beginning to diversify, with creative and media industries moving in, and the foodie market of Leather Lane expanding. Holts Gems is proud to remain one of the longest established Hatton Garden jewellers, our reliance on the quality craftsmanship of our in-house goldsmiths, attention to detail and personable service truly standing the test of time. You can read more about how to choose an engagement ring here.


Why choosing the right Hatton Garden Jewellers matters

There are undoubtedly many jewellers to choose from in Hatton Garden - each offering a slightly different service. It’s important to not only find the service that suits you, but to find a jeweller that is reputable and transparent

It takes a true professional to sell a diamond or gemstone. An intricate knowledge of gemstones, their origins, suitability for engagement rings and fine jewellery, and grading systems are all part of a good jewellers’ makeup. At Holts Gems, each of our experts rely on the knowledge gained during their Gem-A and GIA gemmology qualifications as well as their experience to source the finest Hatton Garden diamonds and gemstones for the needs of each individual client.

Engagement rings are by no means a light purchase - which is why we offer a service that is comprehensive, transparent and informative. Rather than pushing for a hard and fast sale, we’ll take the time to take you through the specificities of each diamond and gemstone you view, as well as talking through the intricacies of your custom ring design. It’s then up to you to consider your options and take the time you need to make your decision - no sneaky sales tricks, no time pressure - just our honest guidance and your judgement

When buying a diamond, we always advise only considering GIA certified diamonds. Some jewellers may opt to grade their diamonds and gemstones in-house, leaving great room for error and potentially biased conclusions. Similarly, some diamond grading laboratories may over generously grade their stones to increase their value. The GIA are an independent, not for profit grading laboratory, whose grades are considered the most globally trusted - you can learn more about them and why we only supply GIA certified diamonds here.


Our in-house Hatton Garden Jewellers

At Holts Gems, we’ve always celebrated the artistry of Hatton Garden, and continue to do so with our own in-house workshop. There are few Hatton Garden jewellers that still craft their fine jewellery from scratch, in store. Some prefer to order in mass produced parts to limit costs, whilst others supply ready to wear rings that have been created elsewhere - which, in our opinion, tarnishes the provenance and integrity of what should be an incredibly precious purchase. Holts Gems is proud to have our own team of goldsmiths working within our Hatton Garden studio - so proud, that we’ve designed our studio to allow visitors to see our craftspeople in action. Upon walking into our store, you’ll be able to see our goldsmiths in plain sight through their glass-fronted workshop.

Should you have any questions about how the rings are made, or are intrigued to see our jewellers work up close, we’ll be more than happy to show you around. It’s all a part of the immersive process that allows you to be involved in your personal commission.