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Holts Gems are proud suppliers of GIA certified diamonds in Hatton Garden. Graded by the world’s most renowned, independent and not-for-profit grading laboratory, our diamonds are hand selected by our qualified gemmologists to suit each individual budget and personal requirements. Learn more about diamonds below.


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According to the GIA, a diamond’s cut is what gives it its ‘wow factor’.

“A beautifully finished (cut) diamond is dazzling; every facet displays the craftsman’s skill and care. When it interacts with light, each facet and angle affects the amount of light returned to the eye. This is what gives a diamond its face-up appearance and what makes it appealing – or not.” - GIA


A diamond is graded on its absence of colour - the less colour, the better.

“A chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond has no hue, like a drop of pure water, and consequently, a higher value… Many of these diamond color distinctions are so subtle that they are invisible to the untrained eye; however, these distinctions make a very big difference in diamond quality and price.” - GIA


Nearly every diamond contains small blemishes that form with the diamond, called ‘inclusions’.

“Evaluating diamond clarity involves determining the number, size, relief, nature, and position of these characteristics, as well as how these affect the overall appearance of the stone. While no diamond is perfectly pure, the closer it comes, the higher its value.” - GIA

Carat Weight

A diamond’s carat is a measurement of its weight - and is indicative of how big the diamond will look, although badly cut diamonds can appear smaller or larger but dull compared to an ‘excellent’ cut of the same weight.

“All else being equal, diamond price increases with diamond carat weight because larger diamonds are rarer and more desirable.” - GIA


GIA Certified Diamonds

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