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To Love & To Cherish: Which Wedding Ring Is For You?

The very symbol of marriage, the absolute denotation of matrimony, a single object that signifies the great love between two parties - the wedding band.
By Melissa Ban
3 min read
To Love & To Cherish: Which Wedding Ring Is For You? - Holts Gems

The very symbol of marriage, the absolute denotation of matrimony, a single object that signifies the great love between two parties - the wedding band.

Evidence of wedding bands can be traced back to as far as Ancient Rome and Greece - from a dowry to a promise to the wedding band that now exists in today’s modern world. Although the exact reason for the exchange of bands may have altered somewhat over the years the overall meaning has stood the test of time; fidelity, a commitment, a symbol of devotion and an agreement between two parties to love and honour one another for all time. Even the very shape of a wedding band holds considerable meaning - circular in its shape, the band has no beginning or end, it’s a symbol of infinity, such as the love of those married.

Source: British Museum, Gold finger-ring, Roman, 2ndC-3rdC, 1917,0501.276

A wedding band alone already represents such monumental significance that choosing a simple or robust design is a popular option for many. Both Women’s and Men’s wedding bands can be created using platinum or gold, each timeless and a far cry from ancient times’ raw cut metal bands. Whether yellow gold, white gold or platinum, the classic court and D-shaped styles are both extremely popular options of men’s wedding band - time-honoured and flattering these bands stand the test of time, both in their style and in their durability. Simple and timeless women’s wedding band styles can range from a classic D-shaped band to match their partners to a sophisticated, channel set, brilliant cut, platinum band - these styles are eternal.

“Marriage is like a golden ring in a chain, whose beginning is a glance and whose
ending is eternity.”

Modern may be more your cup of tea and of course, we cater for those of you seeking the more contemporary feel to a still classic wedding band too; men’s options include a more distinct, rose gold style, or perhaps the ultra-cool bevelled edge band - striking and bold - this choice is a little nod to the modern-day alternative. Alongside the classic platinum, white and yellow gold styles, many women’s wedding bands are also available in a rose gold design, this choice of material has continued to grow in popularity over the years and is ultra-flattering against all skin tones.

The wedding band; the memory contained within, the meaning it carries and the importance it bears is incomparable - the wedding band is of unrivalled significance and as such selecting the right bands is one of the most important tasks on engaged couples to-do lists. 

Bespoke or selected from within the extensive and beautiful range within our Hatton Garden showcase, all of our wedding bands are expertly crafted in your choice of style from the traditional to the contemporary to the truly bespoke. Women’s styles range from the understated, beautiful, classic court or d-shaped ring to white and rose gold eternity rings enveloped in sparkling diamonds in all varieties of cuts and representing the endless eternal love your marriage will possess.

We offer the same expert and unrivalled design services as our bespoke engagement rings for our wedding band service too - perhaps you’ve always wanted to include a special and meaningful gemstone within your wedding band, or maybe shape a family heirloom into your ring, or even engrave a secret message to surprise your loved one. There’s so much possibility and creativity you can enjoy with a truly bespoke option; fancy-shaped, offset diamonds, vintage, mixed material or coloured gemstones - we’d love to hear your ideas and help you create your dream eternity band.

We will help you find the right wedding band for you, we’ve something to suit every style and budget from understated and classic, to unique and striking, from court platinum bands to channel set princess cuts, from 0.15ct to 1ct.. and more diamonds, from £249 to £3990 and beyond…..your wedding band is waiting for you.

Get in touch, let's discuss your design ideas and create something truly bespoke or discover a beautiful wedding band within our Hatton Garden showcase, book a no-obligation consultation with our team today.

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