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Learn more about trilogy engagement rings


What are trilogy engagement rings?

Also known as trinity rings, trilogy engagement rings feature three stones, usually diamonds. The three stone engagement rings are thought to be a particularly romantic token of love, as each stone represents the past, present and future of the couple’s relationship. Trilogy engagement rings typically feature plain bands, with the graduated stones. This means the centre stone is larger than the two side stones. Many find the perfect combination is to use side stones that are half the carat weight of the centre stone, for a well balanced trilogy engagement ring.


What is the history of trilogy engagement rings?

In recent years, trilogy engagement rings have been somewhat overlooked as minimalist design took centre stage within the jewellery industry. Over the past few years, tradition, nostalgia and vintage design have reclaimed their popularity within engagement ring design, and the traditional style of trilogy rings is once again a prominent choice for buyers.

Originally thought of as anniversary presents, the symbolic nature of trilogy rings soon became a staple of proposals - the perfect occasion to celebrate the past, live in the present and plan for the future of the relationship.


Why trilogy rings are the perfect choice

Is there a more romantic meaning than that of trilogy engagement rings? Imagine upon proposal, explaining the lore of trilogy engagement rings to your partner whilst revealing the very ring you’ve created? Aside from the romantic sentiment representing the past, present and future of your relationship, there are many benefits to choosing a three stone ring.

With three stones to choose, a trilogy engagement ring is the perfect way to introduce colour into your engagement ring with precious gemstones. Sapphire and diamond trilogy rings make the most of the bold colour of the sapphire whilst also using diamonds for a traditional touch. Whether you prefer ruby, sapphire or emerald, the gemstone can either feature as the centre stone or the side stones of your trilogy ring.

Trilogy engagement rings traditionally feature graduated diamonds, but the style choice offers numerous opportunities to play around with different sizes and shapes of diamonds, as well as the setting style. Choosing three diamonds of the same size is an unusual choice, whilst mixing up the diamond shapes offers scope for an unusual and unique engagement ring. Maybe you want three different shapes - for example, a princess cut, pear cut and emerald cut - for a ring that’s unlike any other.

Step cut diamonds make for great side stones, so you may want to consider baguette cut or trapezoid diamonds, which work well as accompaniments to brilliant cut diamonds, such as rounds. This trilogy engagement ring style is traditional, the step cut diamonds evocative of vintage engagement ring design.

In short, trilogy engagement rings provide a great opportunity to produce an engagement ring that is both traditional, yet creative. Whichever way you style your trilogy ring, it’ll always be a romantic and thoughtful choice.


Celebrities with trilogy engagement rings

Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams’ engagement ring is a bold diamond trilogy ring design. Spencer explained the ring was designed to reflect the architecture of a bridge, as influenced by Vogue’s love of all things architectural and fascination for bridges. Two trillion cut diamonds sit either side of a cushion cut diamond, for an androgynous trilogy engagement ring.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle’s ring has fast become the most iconic trilogy ring of our time. The simple design features a large cushion cut diamond with matching round diamonds that once belonged to Princess Diana. Following the birth of Prince Archie and the addition of an eternity ring and plain wedding band, Meghan added a scallop set diamond band to her ring so a little extra sparkle.