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Learn more about ruby engagement rings


What is a ruby?

Scientifically speaking, rubies are actually the exact same as sapphires - only, red. The precious gemstone is the same variety of corundum as sapphires, yet at some point in the history of the gem, they’ve been assigned their own identity. The spectrum of what qualifies as a ‘ruby’ is really any tone from a pinkish-red to a dark, crimson red - all other colours are considered sapphires, including greens, blues, purples and oranges. The red hues of rubies are caused by the presence of chromium.


What makes a ruby perfect for engagement rings?

Just like their blue and multicoloured counterparts, rubies reach 9 on the Mohs scale, making them the perfect choice for an engagement ring. Whilst there are so many gemstones to choose from for you engagement ring, it is important to choose a stone that is durable enough to be worn everyday, without the threat of chipping or breaking. 

Aside from the technicalities that make rubies a suitable choice for engagement rings, the beauty of a rich, red ruby makes them perfect for a symbol of passion, devotion and love. Pairing a bold, red ruby with yellow gold makes for a beautiful contrast, the bright colours bearing a certain exotic appeal. In recent years, diamond and sapphire engagement rings have undoubtedly become the most popular choice, making a ruby a beautiful choice for a more unusual, unique engagement ring.


Where do rubies come from?

Most commonly, rubies originate from Myanmar - formerly Burma. However, many ethical jewellers, including Holts Gems will not participate in the trade of Myanmar or Burmese rubies as they are today regarded as conflict stones, reportedly funding military activity in the country. Instead, Holts Gems and other ethical jewellers are able to source rubies from a wide selection of countries, including Australia, India, Japan, Brazil, Madagascar and Pakistan.


The history of ruby engagement rings

Historically rubies were the gem of choice to mark weddings, reflective of the association between passion and love with shades of strong, deep red. Throughout history, rubies have been celebrated by various cultures for their similarity to the colour of blood, encouraging ancient admirers to believe the gems held the power of life. Europeans adopted such meanings, which later were adapted to associations with enduring love and passion.

The rise in popularity for diamond engagement rings in the 19th century saw a decrease in the demand for rubies, meaning that even today, a ruby makes for a unique engagement ring. Towards the 20th century, jewellery designers began to reintroduce rubies into engagement rings, adding the boldly coloured gems as side stones for trilogy engagement rings, or cluster halo engagement rings. In a similar fashion to sapphires, the Art Deco engagement ring period saw the use of calibre cut rubies in chunky halos, to add geometric pops of colour.


Celebrities with ruby engagement rings

Katy Perry

There is a little speculation surrounding whether Katy Perry’s engagement ring, gifted by partner Orlando Bloom, features a ruby or a pink sapphire. Whilst, technically, there is no difference between rubies and sapphires other than the obvious colour, some experts have different ideas about what qualifies as a ruby. Some would argue that Katy’s pinkish stone is strong enough of a red hue to be considered a ruby, whilst others would claim it’s a little too pink. Either way, the oval beauty is set in a classic cluster halo design, the yellow gold setting creating a beautiful vintage engagement ring vibe.

Ashlee Simpson

The majority of Ashlee Simpson’s super unique engagement ring is actually diamond set, but we adore the ruby accents of the eye catching design. The ring, given to her by husband Evan Ross, Diana Ross’s son, features 140 melee diamonds to complete the look. In true Art Deco engagement rings style, the rubies are calibre cut, set around a centre marquise diamond in geometric fashion.

Victoria Beckham

Amongst her 14 different engagement rings from husband David Beckham, Victoria Beckham switched an emerald cut diamond ring for a massive oval cut ruby in 2009. The large, deep red ruby is surrounded by a swirl of a halo of diamonds, wrapping around the centre stone. Whilst the ruby engagement ring was undoubtedly jaw dropping, it didn’t take long for Victoria to swap it out for a deep blue sapphire in 2010.