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5 jewellery gifts every woman wants from Hatton Garden

See the five staples that will complete any jewellery box and make for the sweetest, most sentimental gifts...
By Melissa Ban
6 min read
5 jewellery gifts every woman wants from Hatton Garden - Holts Gems

The 5 jewellery gifts to buy from Hatton Garden

We’re all partial to dreaming of owning certain wardrobe statement pieces - whether it’s as classic as a Burberry trench coat or as niche as a pair of vintage cowboy boots: there are just some pieces that make a wardrobe - and a woman’s jewellery box is really no different. See the five staples that will complete any jewellery box and make for the sweetest, most sentimental gifts.

Creating diamond necklaces in Hatton Garden

There’s nothing quite like the charm of a simple diamond necklace. A solitaire pendant design is the perfect way to showcase the unique diamond you select, in all its glory. A stylish choice, a solitaire diamond necklace adheres to current trends for layering necklaces and fine chains, whilst maintaining a timeless quality that’ll allow your diamond necklace to become a lifelong staple and heirloom piece. 

What Are The Different Diamond Necklace Styles To Choose From?

The three most reliably stylish diamond necklace styles are solitaire pendants, halo pendants, or simple, contemporary, diamond-embellished shapes such as triangles, bars or circles. A solitaire is perhaps the best option for a jewellery box staple, but with the ability to tailor your design, you’ll be able to find just the right look for your gift-ee. Know which style you’ll be choosing? Get in touch to see how Holts Gems can help you find the perfect diamond necklace, or create your own in-store.

Who For?

Diamond necklaces are amongst the most universally suitable jewellery gifts for all ages: this could be the first ‘real’ piece of jewellery in a young collector’s jewellery box, mark a significant milestone like graduating university, or as special as a 50th birthday present. Brides & grooms would do well to create a diamond necklace for their bride on their wedding day for the most sentimental of gifts.

Holts Gems: Hatton Garden’s go-to for gemstone rings

You may have ideals of buying a diamond for your loved on, to mark a special occasion, a big birthday or just because you’re an incredibly generous soul. In reality, a diamond might not be the right choice - just yet. Usually chosen for engagement rings, dainty fine jewellery or 60th anniversaries, the rare and incredibly precious stones come with a hefty price tag which many like to reserve for extra special occasions.

Which Gemstones Should I Choose From?

Diamonds, sapphires and rubies are often the top choices for engagement rings, but you may want to choose a slightly less rare gemstone for a slightly less momentous gift. The ocean-like hues of aquamarine make the gem a great choice for cocktail rings, spinel a good alternative for sapphire fans and moonstone a beautiful choice for an ethereal look. Do your research and see which of the various gemstones will suit your gift-ee best.

As the name may suggest, Holts Gems is Hatton Garden’s go-to for gemstone knowledge, with a team of gemmology experts at the helm. Got a gemstone-related enquiry or otherwise? Get in touch with an expert to learn more.

Who For?

This is a great gift for jewellery lovers that like to stack their fingers with colourful gems. Colourful gemstones aren’t for everyone, so check your gift is in line with jewellery they already wear, and choose a gemstone colour that reflects them well.

 Throwback jewellery: diamond tennis bracelets

As Who What Wear reported in 2018, tennis bracelets are a nostalgic style, once again surging in popularity in recent years thanks to the tradition of passing down the classic heirloom pieces to younger, fashion-forward family members - ‘this heritage statement piece is a jewellery item worth investing in’.

What Is A Tennis Bracelet?

A tennis bracelet consists of a row of diamonds, set within a refined, flexible chain-like setting. Essentially, it’s the wrists’ equivalent to an eternity ring.

Holts Gems have a number of tennis bracelets ready and waiting to be snapped up inside our Hatton Garden store should you decide against the custom-created route. All you’ll need to do is choose the perfect one - get in touch to view our selection of tennis bracelets in-store. 

Who For?

In the past, diamond tennis bracelets have been regarded as gifts for the more mature, but are increasingly popular amongst young professionals. The amount of (and therefore cost of) diamonds needed to complete a bracelet is not small, so you may want to keep this gift for major milestones: 30th and 50th birthdays seem the most fitting.


A Hatton Garden classic: sapphire or diamond earrings

The beauty of a pair of simple diamond studs is in their versatility. Dress them up, dress them down, wear them all-damn-day-long. Yet, they’ll always feel special. Treasurable at any age, a pair of diamond stud earrings is the ultimate gift for all, from sweet 16s right through to elegant 80s. 

Styling Your Earrings:

In terms of choosing the right style, there’s little room for error. Diamond stud earrings look best when simple - set either within refined claws or a rub over style for a more contemporary look. For diamond earrings, size does matter - but perhaps not as you might think: the daintier the diamond, the cuter the earring - so don’t feel pressure to splurge on the biggest stones. 

For a less classic look, try blue sapphires set in rose gold or yellow gold. This is a great way to start a distinct jewellery collection to add to over the years.

Who For?

All! As long as their ears are pierced, this is one of the most classic jewellery gifts for any age or relation.


Infinity and beyond: diamond eternity rings

A diamond eternity ring is perhaps one of the more romantic options, and whilst we’d all be appreciative of a band full of diamonds, is usually gifted as a promise ring, to mark an anniversary or upon the birth of a child. The setting options are almost endless, from rubover to channel, scallop to pavé. If possible, match the setting style and metal colour to the engagement ring or wedding ring of your giftee, for a well-curated ring collection.  

Who For?

There’s something particularly sentimental about an eternity ring - the most suitable person to gift an eternity ring is your loved one, for whichever of the many reasons you feel like celebrating them.

Creating diamond jewellery in Hatton Garden

Located in London’s Hatton Garden, diamond jewellery is a passion and true labour of love for the experts at Holts Gems. From collaborating with you as an individual to select the perfect diamonds, to designing the jewellery exactly to your personal tastes, then finessing the final piece inside our Hatton Garden jewellery store: we obsess about getting each part just right.

Interested in knowing a little more about diamonds? Learn how we source the perfect gems, how they’re certified, responsibly sourced and the tips you should know before investing in a diamond.

Gemstone jewellery & Hatton Garden

Holts Gems are long-established purveyors of precious gemstones. If you’re after something a little alternative to classic diamond jewellery, try adding colour to your jewellery commission with a gemstone. Although gemstones can be a more budget-friendly alternative to diamonds, their charm is as every bit as sumptuous and special, each stone offering a distinct and charismatic colour. You’ll be able to find the right gemstone for your jewellery in Hatton Garden, with Holts Gems’ gemmology experts.

So, what are the 5 jewellery items that make every jewellery box?


  • Diamond necklaces: a go-to classic and great starter for any jewellery collection

  • Gemstone rings: match the gemstone to your loved one’s favourite colour palette and existing jewellery collection

  • Diamond tennis bracelets: reworking an old classic

  • Sapphire or diamond earrings: simple diamond studs for a traditional look, or colourful sapphires for something a little alternative

  • Diamond eternity rings: a treasured gift for a loved one for those extra special moments


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