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"Like being a queen for the day!"

“Collecting our rings and putting them on each others’ finger for the first time was magical.”
By Melissa Ban
2 min read

💞How and where did you first meet? And how long have you been together?

L&F: “We met at an industry training day a little over five years ago, Lydia was a speaker and Fran was in the audience. We got talking at the post-event drinks, went out dancing that night and have been together ever since.”

📅And how did you propose?

L&F: “We both did! Lydia proposed first, five years to the day that we met, by decorating our house with candles, flowers and strings of photos from all the things we’ve seen and done together. These led to a photo album with pictures of the day we agreed we’d like to get married, and when Fran turned around, she was down on one knee with a temporary ring. Fran then proposed the day we collected our Holts rings. She got down on one knee on Millennium bridge, the place we met for our first date and walked over every day to work once we moved in together, and brought a bottle of champagne for us to drink by the river while we looked out over the view.”

😎What was your inspiration behind the design, why choose the styles?

L&F: “We both came thinking we wanted a simple trilogy ring with an emerald or sapphire and diamonds, but the team were so patient and generous with their time and enthusiasm for finding us the perfect fit, that we ended up properly exploring and finding rings that we absolutely love. Lydia likes a more Art Deco style, Fran’s more classic, and we love that we’d never seen a ring like either of ours before. They feel very ‘us’.”

💍Is this your first bespoke piece, and how did you find the process?

L&F: “Yes! Neither of us had bought much jewellery before. We loved the process, everyone we worked with was so friendly, patient and warm, and made it such a joy. We can’t wait to come back for our wedding bands!”

👀What was your favourite part of the process?

L&F: “Balancing all the different stones on our fingers to find the right tones was great fun, like being a queen for the day. But collecting our rings and putting them on each others’ finger for the first time was magical.”

🤔What would be your one piece of advice for couples looking for an engagement ring?

L&F: “Keep an open mind! We left with rings that carried the spirit of the ones we thought we wanted, but they were so much better and more us than we had ever imagined. Trust the team at Holts, they’re so passionate and won’t steer you wrong..”

👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩Ring in the air!

What next?

If you’re feeling inspired to choose and create the engagement ring that best suits your style, we’re just waiting to hear from you. Get in touch to create something that’s truly ‘you’.

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