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Your Guide To Gifting The Perfect Ring

By Melissa Ban
3 min read
Your Guide To Gifting The Perfect Ring - Holts Gems

🎁Buying A Ring Doesn’t Always Follow With Dropping To One Knee…🎁

A stunning, eye-catching and precious ring doesn’t always need to spell out E-N-G-A-G-E-M-E-N-T. At Holt’s, we believe that there are many reasons a ring can be gifted to your loved one. Perhaps you have recently started a family. Or, you are celebrating a milestone in your relationship. Is it an anniversary or do you simply want to treat that someone special? Here we take a look at beautiful rings which are wonderful whatever the occasion...

“Behind every piece of jewellery, there is a story to be told”

💍 A Promise Ring 💍

A ring that signifies your commitment, symbolizing hope and longevity of your relationship’s future. Promise rings are a way of proclaiming your belief that your love will continue to blossom and you are completely devoted to that thought. Whilst the sentiment is similar to that of an engagement ring, the connotation of a promise ring is that they promise to take the relationship seriously, as opposed to promising marriage. However, the meaning of a promise ring in every relationship is unique, so you can decide on the promise that beholds your ring.

Typical style: Traditionally there is no particular style for a promise ring, that is up to the ring bearer to decide which striking combination of gemstones, set and style you desire.

Where are they worn?: The flexibility is all yours on this one, and all down to personal choice. A promise is a promise, wherever it is kept.


🎂 A Birthstone Ring 🎂

Every birth month has a designated gem that signifies unique characteristics and symbolic meanings for each month, for example, the birthstone of August is the stunning Peridot, which is defined by beauty. Or, how about January’s birthstone, a Garnet, which symbolises protection. If there’s a gemstone you like simply because of its look- that’s also fine, there’s always a meaning behind each one which enhances the thoughtfulness and sentiment behind your gift. 

Typical style:  As it says on the box, it is the birthstone gem that takes centre stage for this design. However, no particular style is in keeping with tradition. Whether you choose to have the birthstone of your choice on its own or use a couple of different gems, for example, a gift idea for a mother is the birthstone of all her children, which makes for the most wonderful gift. You can play around and have some fun with this one.  

Where are they worn?: Traditionally they would have been worn on the first finger of the right hand, but we think this tradition can be broken in line with the preference of the wearer.

 💒 An Eternity Ring 💒

Also known as an Infinity ring, the style of these rings is characterised by the row of gems that reach around the entirety of the ring. An eternity ring, beautifully put, symbolises your never-ending love. Usually, they are gifted to commemorate a special occasion, but we don’t think you need an occasion in particular- after all, declaring your eternal love is an occasion in itself. 

Typical style: Eternity rings are traditionally made of gold and diamonds, although in modern times we find many eternity rings in all metals and with a variety of gemstones, so the options are endless. In regards to style, they consist of a band of gems that have no break in them, so a full band. 

Where are they worn?: Typically, an eternity ring would be worn on the fourth finger of your left hand, aka your ring finger.

 🎉 A ring for any occasion 🎉

Traditional or non-traditional, each ring style can be altered to accommodate your dreams for the ring you have chosen. We offer a range of ready-made pieces or semi-bespoke pieces of which you will be sure to find the perfect style for a promise, birth or eternity ring. If you have a vision for your ring, then speak to us about our bespoke services as you embark on a journey to creating your masterpiece. Our team of gemmologists and experts will endeavour to guide you throughout your experience so you can create the perfect ring- you decide the name and occasion.


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