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Behind The Scenes: Creating a bespoke ring with Holts Gems

So, what actually happens when you design a ring at Holts Gems? Here we provide the full breakdown so you know exactly what to expect...
By Melissa Ban
3 min read
Behind The Scenes: Creating a bespoke ring with Holts Gems - Holts Gems

A ring is not only a symbolic piece to commemorate your love, but also a reflection of your loved one: their style, your characteristics and your relationship, all displayed through one beautiful piece.

Have they been planning their ring ever since you can remember? Are you unsure of a style but know you want a ring that is beautifully unique and steeped in personalised charm? Perhaps you have a stunning family heirloom that is sat collecting dust when it should be showcased in all its glory? Our bespoke services at Holts Gems, accommodates everyone and every ring goal, to ensure you are left with a piece that reflects your visions and continues to impress as it lives for generations beyond.

Embarking on your ring designing journey at our Hatton Garden showroom is not only a memorable experience but also allows you the freedom to create the most perfectly unique ring for your loved one. You can rest assured knowing that our team of specialists, gemmologists and goldsmiths are on hand to advise and guide you along the way to ensure the right styles, settings, materials and gemstones are used for both a luxury finish and high-quality durability.

So, what actually happens when you design a ring at Holts Gems? Here we provide the full breakdown so you know exactly what to expect...

Step 1: Initial Discussion

The initial discussion is a chance for you to express any visions you may have, whether they are pieces of inspiration taken from our ready-made collection, or perhaps you have been busy creating wonderful Pinterest boards and saving posts on Instagram. Whether you have mood boards, hand-drawn scribbles or just a few vague ideas in your head, we can work with them all and start turning these ideas into a brief for your bespoke ring.

Step 2: Your Personalised Consultation

Following the initial conversation, we then arrange a face-to-face appointment to start determining the finer details of your custom-made ring. You will meet with one of our experienced specialists at our Hatton Garden showroom, who will advise on any key areas you may wish to consider. This will also be an opportunity to discuss and determine your budget so you can explore our range of beautiful gemstones, high-quality diamonds and luxurious metals whilst we advise on suitable settings and styles for our chosen components.

Following on from the consultation you can then rest assured that our team will go away and work their magic based on the information provided. From this point onwards you can be as involved as you wish in the following process, as our specialists will endeavour to work seamlessly alongside you to achieve your jewelled masterpiece.

To commence with our bespoke design service we would require a 50% deposit at this point, with the remainder of the payment due on completion of your ring. The overall time frame from this point onwards is 4-6 weeks for more simple designs and up to 8 weeks for anything more complex (please note: timeframes are subject to designs being approved by yourself in a timely manner).

Step 3: Finalise The Details

Following your initial consultation at our Hatton Garden showroom, and prior to the creation of your bespoke masterpiece, your designated specialist will create a personalised hand-drawn sketch confirming the proposed details. Not only does this sketch allow you to confirm every fine detail, ensuring you are happy with the overall look and finish, but they also make a great keepsake to mark your jewellery design journey. Alongside the hand-drawn sketch, our designers will send a selection of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawings so you can see all the fine details. Based on the initial consultation and our meticulous attention to detail, we endeavour to achieve the perfect ring and finish for you, so our designers will send across 1-3 designs for you to choose from based on the information we have gathered.

Step 4: Keep In Touch

We love our clients to be as involved as they would like to be throughout the process, so you will be invited to come and see your ring at various stages of the development phase, speak to our designers regularly and receive regular updates. The countdown is officially on!

Step 5: The Grand Finale

Once our team of gemmologists and goldsmiths have finished perfecting the finishing details of your ring, voila… you are ready to collect your completed masterpiece from our Hatton Garden showroom. Now to plan the perfect proposal or presentation of your ring and show off your unique and beautiful piece to your loved one and the rest of the world.

Are you ready to embark on your ring design with Holts Gems? Get in touch today and let’s create something beautiful, together.

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