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Wondering how to propose during lockdown?

So...what now? How do you deliver your grand gesture of L O V E during L O C K D O W N?
By Melissa Ban
3 min read
Wondering how to propose during lockdown? - Holts Gems

A celebration of the uncomplicated

If you’ve caught up with our latest blog article on the big ‘should I still propose during lockdown’ question? You are by now firm in your proposal decision and in agreement with us that love really does conquer all.

So...what now? How do you deliver your grand gesture of L O V E during L O C K D O W N?

In our last blog article we talked a lot about the simple joys in life; time, nature, cooking, family, love, friendship, wildlife and even the everyday. Yes, that’s right, our nation has once again rediscovered there is joy in the everyday...if we choose to allow it to permeate that is, which, during lockdown, we thankfully can.

So, time to get your thinking hat on... not your heavy duty one, just that lightweight casual style and to start thinking about these simpler joys in life and which of them your fiance takes most pleasure in. Align your proposal with one of these beautifully simple, authentic and raw pleasures in life and you are all set to succeed in delivering one of the most wonderfully romantic, natural proposals 2020 has ever seen.

Here are a few of our favourite ideas to help your imagination along the way to the perfect

2020 lockdown proposal:

1. WALKS & NATURE. Enjoy a brisk walk outside together, that time away from screens and distractions to talk?

So, take a walk - along the beach, in a forest, to the top of a hill, around the park where you first met, you could plant clue’s along the route, create a treasure trail, hang notes from trees or nestle your Holt’s box within the nook of your partners favourite tree or perhaps upon the park bench where you stole your first kiss. Take a picnic, drive a beautiful route and deliver your partner to a stunning location to pop the question.


2. COSY MOVIES. Cuddles with your favourite movie one of your ultimate date nights?

Make it date night, but make it luxe; perhaps a lobster & champagne hamper cosied into a fairy light laden den? Or why not hide your Holt’s sparkles inside your bowl of sweet popcorn? Make sure they take the last handful. You could even brush up on those rusty video editing skills, make your own romcom and slot a homemade short film of your proposal within to your partner's favourite moment of the movie.

3. COOK. Fiance- to- be the ultimate foodie? There is that old saying isn’t there; “The quickest way to the heart is with food”.

Burrow your Holt’s ring within your fiance's favourite dish; whether it be a cake, pasta, a pie, her favourite cheese wheel or some candy...don’t panic our rings can take the heat...just make sure you stop them before they gulp it down too.

4. FAMILY. Sharing your most treasured moments with all the people you hold closest in the world yours and your partner's idea of heaven?

Get your family involved with the big question, virtually of course - Zoom charades - guess the action; ‘Will you marry me?’. A virtual quiz or even a joint screening of your homemade proposal movie. Or perhaps your partner has a treasured and sentimental heirloom gem? You could propose with this alone, their favourite precious stone and include them within the ring’s design process.

Here’s to embracing the new normal, increased creativity, remembering the simple joys in life and above everything else, L O V E.

The Best Thing To Hold On To In Life, Is Eachother. - Audrey Hepburn


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