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Not your typical Zoom call

Need An Engagement Ring? Lockdown And Tier’s Scuppering Your Plans?

By Melissa Ban
4 min read
Not your typical Zoom call - Holts Gems

Need An Engagement Ring?

Lockdown And Tier’s Scuppering Your Plans?

Congratulations you’ve found that fish in the sea, your lifelong lobster, your perfect penguin, the apple of your eye, the hero in your sky...and now you’re tasked with asking one of the most wonderful questions that could ever be asked of someone...


However this wondrous question is never one that’s delivered alone, no, no, it is always received alongside a beautiful ring.

The engagement ring, a symbol of your great love, a promise, a future, a gift, a personalised treasure to hold dear forever, the engagement ring, encompassing all this and more, is not one to be chosen hastily.

We May Be Amidst A Global Pandemic, But We Prevail… And Most Importantly Love Prevails.


We’ve been in the business of crafting treasured memories for generations, since 1948 in fact! The backbone of our business has and will always be built on delivering the greatest level of care in all details of our work and providing a personal touch that goes above and beyond. Our customers are the beating heart of our business and we aren’t about to halt or change this ethos or our level of service for anything.. pandemic included!

With this in mind we wanted to share with you how we are continuing to provide our most personalised and quality of care services for those all too important engagement ring consultations...virtually.

Step 1. Find The Love Of Your Life

(the fact you’re reading this - well, it looks like you have this part covered)

We will take it from here..

Step 2. Get In Touch

Give us a call, drop us an email, send us a WhatsApp.

Hugest of congratulations and warmest wishes on your engagement-to-be from us all here at Holts, what a wonderfully exciting time for you - we cannot wait to hear your story. Appointment 1: In this initial call, Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp exchange, whichever format you prefer it to be, we will aim to find out as much information as possible from you in regards to what it is that will make your partner's ring ‘the dream’ ring. We will ascertain various pieces of information from our conversation such as whether you or they have any existing designs in mind already, what your budget is or the type of stone gem or metal you envision the ring to contain.


Does your partner have a cherished family heirloom they’ve always hoped to incorporate into a wearable and durable piece - this could be both the perfect gesture and occasion. Perhaps yours or your partner's inspiration is strewn between Pinterest boards and snaps of friends and relatives stunning rings throughout your phone, no need to stress, we’ll be happy to take a look at all and any works and elements that inspire you both. Whether your partner has a favourite colour gem, or style of band or an ideal diamond shape in mind, or perhaps you’d like to incorporate a hidden message, word or letters within - we will take all of this information into consideration. We will pull together all the pieces of the puzzle alongside our expert knowledge and expertise to aid us in designing your partner's ring of dreams.

Step 3. Advise

Appointment 2: Primed with all the information you’ve supplied us with, our team of gemologists and specialists will be ready to showcase and talk you through a huge variety of options they’ve selected for you and your partner, ruby, sapphire or diamond, stones or gems, whatever your desire, our experts will offer advice on everything from clarity to origin and all in between. We understand how different day to day life is right now for everyone which is why our teams are as flexible as ever. We can send Zoom links, connect via Facetime, Whatsapp, Teams, just let us know what suits your situation best and we will endeavour to make your virtual appointments as seamless as possible. We usually offer availability during the hours of 10-5pm Monday to Saturday, so do bear in mind if outside of these times, you may just catch a glimpse or two of the infamous cats of Holt’s; there’s Bambi, Milly, Manolo and Biggles...working from home does come with some perks.

As well as showcasing pieces, designs and samples for you live we can also send alongside this (again email, whatsapp and all in between, you just let us know which format is easiest) a photostream, in order for our specialists to talk you through pieces individually and for you to see every detail of each piece in the greatest of clarity. We can drop and swap stones and gems out of existing mounts as we go or formulate tailormade, digital mock ups of bespoke designs.

Step 4. Design

Once you have narrowed down a stone or two, whether you have chosen to go with one of our beautiful existing, bespoke, or semi bespoke designs, we will accept a 50% deposit and one of our in house designers will begin crafting your treasured gift for you.

Step 5. Deliver

All in all the process of appointment to ring delivery can take anywhere between 2 days- 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of design you have chosen. Signed, sealed, delivered and over to you now….all you have to do is pair your stunning ring with that four worded question, we’re certain their answer will be an astounding ‘YES’, when they catch a glimpse of their ring, in your hand.

“Instead of social distancing, let’s call it virtual connecting”

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