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Why Should You Choose A Halo Engagement Ring?

Halo, double halo and sometimes even triple halo. Diamonds on diamonds on diamonds - the halo ring produces an impressive headline of shine and sparkle, could there really be a more enchanting ring?

By Melissa Ban
3 min read
Why Should You Choose A Halo Engagement Ring? - Holts Gems

Halo, double halo and sometimes even triple halo. Diamonds on diamonds on diamonds - the halo ring produces an impressive headline of shine and sparkle, could there really be a more enchanting ring?

One central stone encircled by a glittering stream of diamonds - this is exactly the reason the halo ring has the name it does; ‘the halo’, a halo of diamonds surrounding one focal stone.

Halo rings have gained a bad rep with some, those who think the halo is just a passing trend, thought of as the marmite of the engagement ring world, love or hate, there’s often been a clear camp for those who love the halo style and those who hate it. BUT the halo style defies these naysayers as it grows ever more popular year by year, the halo ‘trend’ refuses to die and its popularity continues to grow ever more so. It’s by far no marquise, (which we still cherish so) the marquise is a cut that screams “I was proposed to in the ’80s”, a trend which admittedly became dated. The Halo has proven its popularity already and it will not just stop being popular in the years to come, it’s both captivating and contemporary and will reflect our era.

Those sitting in camp ‘CON’ have been known to think of the halo design as ‘tacky’ glittering and dazzling it may be...but we would never connotate negativity for the design. Eye-catching and striking, a classic style, centuries-old, the halo ring is a firm and steady contender in the world of engagement rings.

‘Halo’, Heavenly By Name Heavenly By Nature

With light refracting from all angles, this style of ring hosts a multitude of opportunities for light to be caught and reflected, with diamonds surrounding either a central gemstone or a larger diamond...a halo ring is always only ever going to be a sparkling wonder.

Holt’s are definitely team ‘PRO’ halo, we love how the style really pulls focus, yes - even more focus, toward the central stone, whether it be a gemstone or diamond, the surrounding diamonds encapsulate the stone and can even make it look up to one-half carat bigger.

We adore how the halo style can so fantastically and freely be customised offering a finished piece that’s totally unique like no other. Cuts, styles, materials are all entirely customisable, timeless, or contemporary there’s no limit to creativity. The halo style works so seamlessly with all variations of shaped diamonds or gemstones; cushion cut, princess, radiant, oval each cut blends and extends seamlessly into a layer...or two, of encapsulating accent diamonds.


So, Are Halo Rings Going Out Of Style?

Well, it’s a resounding NO from us, the flow of continued admirers and the jewellery industry as a whole, a question so nonsensical it baffles us. Coming in to focus in the art deco period of the 1920s, the halo ring has continued to grow in popularity, generations upon generations of celebrity and iconic figure have maintained favour for the halo engagement ring style time and time again. Featured above, British model Jourdan Dunn’s engagement ring features a lovely floral diamond halo with a diamond pave band.

Holts pride ourselves on offering some of the most luxurious and unique halo engagement rings in London and alongside our meticulous attention to detail, access to an extensive range of the highest quality of diamonds and gemstones, and our seamless approach to creating breathtaking engagement rings, we truly must be your first stop in engagement ring shopping.

We can offer ready-made, semi-bespoke, and, unlike many jewellers, a fully bespoke range of services, meaning you can design your halo ring from scratch to fulfil any of your jewellery desires.

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