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Our Royal Piece Of Quartz At The Natural History Museum

Fancy a day out: The Natural History Museum?
By Melissa Ban
1 min read
Our Royal Piece Of Quartz At The Natural History Museum - Holts Gems

Jason Holt: "47 years ago my father, Robert Holt, came across a gemstone in Brazil which by freak of nature resembled the Queens head.

He donated it to the geological museum which is now the Natural History Museum.

Fast forward 47 years the gemstone is being displayed front and centre as part of the Natural History Museum‘s Jubilee exhibition.

Not only would my late dad have been totally thrilled but it’s also a symbolic reminder of how small acts of kindness can cascade long into the future."

With the excitement of the Queen's Jubilee passing, what better time to give a little update on something special to us!"

On Display

The Jubilee agate is currently on display in the Museum's minerals gallery. ©The Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London


This regal piece of agate has gone on display at the Natural History Museum in the minerals gallery as part of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations and is still available to view!

This beautiful mineral was originally purchased by our late founder - Mr Robert Holt. At the time, Mr Holt was travelling around Brazil on a gem buying trip, when he came to recognise the resemblance of HM Queen Elizabeth II on the Agate's internal pattern.

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