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Why Sapphires are a girl’s best friend?

Want to break from tradition? Shunning a diamond ring? Learn why sapphire engagement rings are fast becoming a girl’s best friend, and how the gemstone can help you create the most unique engagement ring. (And did you know, they don’t just come in blue?)
By Melissa Ban
5 min read
Why Sapphires are a girl’s best friend? - Holts Gems

Why have sapphire engagement rings become more popular? 💍

Many become consumed with finding the perfect diamond for their engagement ring. There’s so much to think about: first there’s the 4Cs (cut, clarity, carat and colour), then the different diamond shapes, and how the stone will work in your desired engagement ring setting - but have you considered that your partner (or, you yourself) might fancy something a little different? Diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings, and with good reason: their sparkle and lustre is unequivocal, the icy white tones astounding and moreover, they’re the traditional choice. But there’s a new sheriff in town: sapphires. Of course, sapphires have graced jewellery for hundreds of years, but the colourful and rich stones are becoming a more popular choice for engagement rings than ever.

Why are sapphire engagement rings becoming more prevalent? The gemstone has become a popular choice for those seeking a unique engagement ring, wanting to break from tradition and instead choose something a little more colourful. Both natural and treated sapphires can be sourced in a whole spectrum of hues and tones, allowing you the opportunity to find the colour that perfectly reflects you. So whilst the amount of couples choosing sapphires is increasing, it’s still an undoubtedly unusual choice - you’re unlikely to bump into anyone with the same sapphire engagement ring as you.

What colour sapphire should I choose for my engagement ring?

A sapphire starts its journey colourless. During its formation within the Earth the mineral corundum is exposed to small amounts of other elements such as iron and titanium. This exposure then gives the colourless sapphire a new colour; the blues, pinks, yellows, orange and green tones are determined by the interaction with other elements. So, which is the colour for you?

Here are some of the best colours to opt for (in our humble opinion):

💙 Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings For A Regal & Classic Look 💙

Think of a sapphire and no doubt you’ll think of a sparkly, deep-blue stone: it’s the most common request for a sapphire, thanks to the hue’s popularisation by Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s engagement ring. The tone is beautiful: regal, ocean-like, and dreamy when accompanied by diamond detailing, such as a diamond halo or diamond shoulders. To make the azure tones pop even more, try setting in a contrasting 18k yellow gold.

🦚 Teal Sapphire Engagement Rings For An Unusual, Punchy Look 🦚

For a bright, greenish-blue, check out teal sapphires. Sometimes referred to as peacock sapphires, the stones can appear slightly different tones and hues from different angles, providing plenty of character and serious gleam. As the colour is usually inconsistent across the stone, many value teal and peacock sapphires as slightly less desirable, which can cause them to market at a lower cost than blue sapphires.

💗 Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings For Dreamlike Femininity 💗

Ethereal and dreamlike, pink is a beautiful choice for your sapphire engagement ring. From pale, barely-there tones to hot, in-your-face pink - the choice is yours. Pink sapphires exude femininity, and are accredited as the most universally complementary hues for different skin tones. Try this sassy coloured sapphire with 18k rose gold for continual blush tones.

🍑 Peach & Padparadscha Sapphire Engagement Rings For An Ever-lasting Golden Hour 🍑

Peach sapphires are golden in tone, sometimes appearing more pink or orange depending on the exposure to certain elements whilst forming. Padparadscha sapphires are some of the rarest and most valuable in the world, with a distinct orange-pink akin to the lotus flower, their Sinhalese namesake. Found only in Sri Lanka, they are recognised globally for their striking beauty and unique blend of pink-orange tones.

 💛 Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings For Sweet Take On A Pricey Favourite 💛

Yellow is a rare choice for those seeking a sapphire engagement ring, but can be a great alternative for anyone hoping for a yellow diamond on a tighter budget. Yellow diamond engagement rings are a classic style choice but come with a hefty price tag, so why not recreate your favourite beauty with a bespoke sapphire ring. A unique choice, the most harmonious setting metal for yellow sapphires is 18k yellow gold.

🌟 Star Sapphire Engagement Rings For Ultra Unique Style 🌟

Magical in appearance, star sapphires have a star-like optical effect, which glistens and moves as the stone moves within the light. Found in all colours, the mystical effect is called an asterism and is seen only on cabochon cut stones (this means the stone is rounded and polished, rather than faceted). The asterism is caused by a unique set of inclusions that play with the reflection of light when the stone is en cabochon.

Folklore and the ancient beliefs behind sapphires

What do sapphires symbolise? Some of the most notable historic lore suggest sapphires are a symbol of faithfulness and sincerity. Choose a sapphire engagement ring to symbolise the unification and faithfulness of your relationship.

Heavenly 👼

Ancient Persians believed Earth rested upon one giant sapphire, which reflected into the sky and painted the heavens blue. Sapphires are the heavenly choice.

Energy & Healing 🙏

In chakra theory, sapphires are symbolic of energy and healing, as well as helping to open the ‘third eye’, allowing wearers to receive wisdom.

Regality 👑

Throughout history and ancient civilisations, the rich tones of blues and purples were long associated with wealth and regality. In contemporary times, the iconic sapphire engagement ring of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s has strengthened this association.

Why choose sapphire engagement rings over diamonds?

In Conclusion...

  • Something different: only 11% of brides prefer gemstone engagement rings, and 20% of those choose sapphires. Sapphire engagement rings are anything but ubiquitous, and make for distinctive and unique engagement rings.
  • A little less costly: sapphires are, on the whole, less expensive than diamonds. The sapphires that are most suitable for engagement rings are usually rich in colour which adds to their value, but carat-for-carat they tend to be a more economic choice.
  • Personal preferences: with a spectrum of colours to choose from, you may find the perfect colour that represents you, your taste and your relationship.

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