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Upgrade Your Engagement Ring: 5 Creative Ideas to Renew Your Love Spark

Celebrate your milestone anniversary by upgrading the engagement ring that symbolises your commitment and love. Find out five creative ideas on how to renew the spark of lifelong love!
By Melissa Ban
3 min read
Upgrade Your Engagement Ring: 5 Creative Ideas to Renew Your Love Spark

Reinventing your engagement ring can be a delicate topic to navigate- it’s a sentimental piece of jewellery that symbolises your commitment to each other. However, many couple are now choosing to redesign their engagement rings to express who they are now. Perhaps you’re in a new stage of life with more money or perhaps that Princess Cut Diamond you thought you loved isn’t as alluring as the crushed ice Radiant Cut Diamond. However, it can be a meaningful and romantic way to show your love that your commitment to them still stands. For the lucky few who have expressed their love through a glittering engagement ring, renewing your love pledge with an upgraded ring is a creative and surprising way to reignite your love flame and renew the passion in your relationship. If you are looking for ways to rekindle your love, here are 5 upgrade ideas to upgrade your engagement ring.

1. Change the Setting:

solitaire-rub over setting diamond engagement ring

Whether you have a diamond solitaire or a colourful gemstone, you can refresh the look of your engagement ring by changing the setting. We can help you to change the prongs or give your ring a new shape – you'll be surprised by how much a small tweak can change the entire look of the ring. For example, if you have a round-cut solitaire ring, a bezel setting can make it feel like an entirely new ring.

2. Add More Diamonds:

Diamonds are beautiful, and they never go out of style. Adding accent diamonds to your engagement ring is an excellent option for creating more sparkle and enhancing the brilliance of your rock. For example, if you have a solitaire ring, have you considered changing it into a trilogy to represent your past, present and future? Adding a pair of Sapphires or rare trapeze diamonds create a show stopper of a ring. A trilogy not your thing? How about a surround of melee diamonds to make a high impact statement halo ring

3. Upgrade Your Band:

Not all engagement rings have to be set on a plain band. You can swap your yellow gold band for a diamond-studded band or completely change the metal, if you’re now a fan of platinum to compliment you current style and skin tone. Our designers can suggest new options or help you design the perfect replacement band that matches your personality and style.

4. Repurpose Your Stone:

For the eco-conscious client, we recommend instead of entirely replacing your engagement ring, perhaps you have some diamond earrings collecting dust in your drawer. Why not use these to upgrade your engagement ring? We love creating new rings you’ll cherish using your heirloom gems and jewellery to ring to create a stunning new piece.

5. Redesign Your Ring: 

The sky is the limit when it comes to ring makeover ideas. If you want an entirely update your new look, how about redesign your ring inspired by your new style. Holts Gems specialise custom made design tailored just for you– the results are stunningly beautiful and unique. We often recommend clients reuse their ring setting, diamond or gemstone from their existing engagement ring to make a pendant, a ring for your child to be gifted at 18 or something to be passed down the family.  It’s a great option to turn your sentimental engagement ring into a cherish family heirloom of your own. Read our previous blog ‘Remodel your sentimental jewellery’ and see our customer’s journey.


Upgrading your engagement ring is an exciting way to celebrate a milestone anniversary, renewing your commitment to each other in this new stage of life. Whether you want to add more stones or repurpose the existing ones, there are different ways to renew your pledge of lifelong love and commitment signified by your ring.

The memories you shared when you exchanged your first engagement ring are not gone, you now are evolving those feelings and adding to your journey of love in a romantic and special way. We can help you create the perfect upgrade that will represent your love story and remind you that your love is timeless, just like your sparkling, upgraded ring.

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