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Engagement Ring Trends in 2023 | Holts Gems

Get ready to make a dazzling statement with the newest trends in engagement rings. From diamond designs to bespoke creations, explore must-have engagement ring styles with Holts Gems for your perfect symbol of love and commitment.
By Melissa Ban
4 min read
Engagement Ring Trends in 2023 | Holts Gems

The world of engagement rings is brimming with exciting new trends and styles. For those searching for the perfect symbol of love and commitment, Holts Gems is here to guide you through the latest trends in engagement rings. From dazzling diamond designs to bespoke creations, we have a curated collection that caters to every unique taste and preference. In this blog post, we will explore the top engagement ring trends for 2023, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring.

Coloured Diamond Engagement Rings


In 2023, coloured diamonds are making a significant statement in the world of engagement rings. While traditional white diamonds remain a classic choice, many couples are opting for the allure of coloured diamond accents. Whether as the main gemstone or in combination with a central white diamond, coloured diamonds add an elegant touch of personality and uniqueness to an engagement ring.

Radiant Cut Diamonds and Crushed Ice Diamonds


Radiant cut diamonds are gaining popularity in 2023 for their exceptional brilliance and versatility. With their rectangular shape and trimmed corners, radiant cut diamonds strike a perfect balance between the elegant emerald cut and the sparkling brilliance of a round brilliant cut. On the other hand, crushed ice diamonds are captivating with their shattered, multi-faceted appearance, resembling a glistening ice sculpture. These unconventional cuts bring a modern and artistic touch to engagement rings.

Art-Deco Style Engagement Rings


Embracing the timeless charm of the Art-Deco era, engagement rings inspired by this period are becoming increasingly sought-after in 2023. These rings feature geometric shapes, intricate filigree work, and often incorporate vibrant gemstones alongside traditional diamonds. Art-Deco style rings exude a sense of sophistication and vintage allure, capturing the essence of a bygone era while remaining relevant in contemporary fashion.

Floral, Leafy, and Whimsy Fairytale Style Rings


For those who seek a touch of enchantment and whimsy, fairytale-inspired engagement rings are enchanting hearts in 2023. These rings often feature delicate floral and leafy motifs, capturing the essence of nature's beauty. With intricate designs and intricate metalwork, these rings transport you to a realm of dreams and fairy tales. They are perfect for the romantic souls who want their ring to tell a story and celebrate the magic of love.

Salt & Pepper Diamonds and Unusual Shape Diamonds


Additionally, we have noticed that more unconventional diamonds are taking centre stage, offering an extraordinary twist to engagement rings. Salt and pepper diamonds, with their unique inclusions and grey-black speckles, create a mesmerising and one-of-a-kind effect. Similarly, unusual shape diamonds such as kite-shape, trapeze, and cadillac cut diamonds are captivating couples seeking a distinctive and non-traditional look. These diamonds showcase individuality, embracing the beauty of imperfections.

Yellow Gold


Yellow gold engagement rings are making a comeback in 2023, capturing the hearts of couples seeking timeless beauty. The allure of yellow gold lies in its warm and radiant hue, which infuses every ring with a touch of vintage elegance and classic sophistication. With its versatile nature, yellow gold complements all skin tones, creating a stunning backdrop that showcases the brilliance of diamonds and gemstones. This resurgence in popularity speaks to the enduring charm of this beloved and classic metal.

"Appreciated for its versatility, yellow gold complements a diverse range of skin tones, offering a captivating canvas to accentuate the brilliance of diamonds and gemstones”, said Alicja Wooles, Managing Director at Holts Gems.

Green Emeralds, Green Diamonds and Green Sapphires


Green gemstones are making a strong statement in engagement rings for 2023. Emeralds, with their lush green hue and depth, are a perfect choice for those seeking a touch of regal sophistication. Green diamonds, rare and exquisite, provide a unique and enchanting alternative to traditional white diamonds. Their rich green shade adds an element of mystery and allure to any gemstone engagement ring. Looking for the perfect green sapphire? Teal Sapphires are often unheated and - a beloved choice among nature lovers and those inspired by the enchanting world of mermaids.

Hidden Halo Rings


For those who desire a ring with added brilliance, hidden halo rings are a popular choice in 2023. Unlike traditional halo rings where the halo is visible from the top, hidden halo rings feature smaller diamonds set beneath the central stone and adding extra sparks. This design adds an element of surprise and enchantment, making the ring truly mesmerising.

As you embark on the journey to find the perfect engagement ring in 2023, the world of Hatton Garden Jewellery awaits you with an exquisite collection of unique designs. From coloured diamond accents to radiant cut stones, Art-Deco styles to fairytale motifs, and unconventional diamonds to green gemstones, this year's trends offer something unique and fascinating for every individual taste. At Holts Gems, we are dedicated to creating bespoke pieces that celebrate your love story, ensuring that your engagement ring reflects your unique style and everlasting commitment.

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