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Are Lab-Grown diamonds real?

Alongside our beautiful and precious, naturally formed diamonds, we are delighted to now be able to present lab originated diamonds, W O W, pretty cool right?
By Melissa Ban
3 min read
Are Lab-Grown diamonds real? - Holts Gems

The diamond; the inspiration for countless songs and movies, a symbol of love and romance, a gemstone so rare due to its intricate mining process and duration of existence; the natural diamond takes billions of years to form.

In recent years technology has provided a radical modification in the diamond industry; a relatively new movement has been steadily advancing and increasingly growing in popularity and we, at Holt’s, are so excited and proud to be part of this new wave of the future. Alongside our beautiful and precious, naturally formed diamonds, we are delighted to now be able to present lab originated diamonds, W O W, pretty cool right?
We know, we know, you are thinking, wait, what exactly are lab-made diamonds?...and most notably, ‘what is the difference between lab-made and real diamonds?’ Well, we have just recently published an article on this exact subject, be sure to give it a read. But, of course, as with all things N E W, as with any great change, there comes doubt, comparison and often a great deal of scepticism - the question on everyone's lips, ‘but, are they real?

What is Real?

Actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed.


You may be interested to learn the US federal trade commission, in July 2018, expanded its definition of a diamond to include lab-grown stones. Seem’s pretty authentic, right? Hmmm, still a little sceptical?

The process of producing a lab-created diamond is truly remarkable. State of the art technology imitates the entire diamond formation process, mimicking mother nature in her entirety; the exact temperatures, pressures and elements are applied to recreate that of 150km deep down within the earth's mantle where temperatures rise to over 1000 degrees celsius, many could never dream of the replication of such conditions to be achievable....except it is. Science has provided us with the opportunity to match the most extreme conditions in which diamonds are formed resulting in the production of diamonds identical in hardness, brilliance, clarity and fire of that of the naturally sourced kind.

Lab Formed Diamonds Are Proven To Be Chemically And Optically Identical, Experienced And Highly Qualified Gemologists Cannot Even Distinguish A Difference Between The Two Comparatives. 

The lab created diamond process involves quite actually taking thin air and turning it into a diamond - just like magic! The process actually delivers cleaner air back into the environment, no fossil fuels are used in the creation of diamonds, the complete cycle is entirely carbon-negative...what an incredibly good feeling wearing a diamond that actually creates cleaner air would be.

Sparkling Diamonds Recipe
Ingredients: Wind, Sun, Rain, Carbon Dioxide

'Are they really real diamonds though?' This exact question was asked to the owner of a diamond lab, on Channel 4’s recent, ‘Christmas for Less’ programme in which uncovering luxury items for less was the name of the game. Guess who made an appearance...yes, you guessed it, the lab-grown diamond; the show investigated and reflected on a guide to buying ‘real’ diamonds at half the price; lab originated diamonds, ‘REAL’ diamonds. The segment ends leaving the presenter and diamond consumers in disbelief unable to see any difference between either diamond, other than that of cost, of which the lab-created diamond was available at half of that of the natural.

So you’d better believe it, the future is here and with it it brings beautiful, pure, precious, diamonds...yes, ‘real’, luxury, diamonds that are anatomically perfect.

Chemically identical, half the price of the naturally formed diamond and to the blind eye (even the most qualified of experts) when faced with a natural and a lab formed diamond, it’s impossible to tell either apart, you know a lab-created diamond is also a ‘real’ diamond, which will you choose?

We find the real value in jewellery, in diamonds, mined or lab-grown, is not about the price or rarity, it is far more about the emotional value a piece holds. So, whichever diamond you choose, you now know, the magic will be equal, they sparkle just as strong.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”

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