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Designed & Crafted in London

 Hatton Garden Wedding Rings

Craft your custom wedding rings with Holts Gems. View our core collection of designs at our Hatton Garden studio, or create a unique design with the help of our design experts.

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 Why Holts Gems

A service that revolves around you

At Holts Gems, each ring we craft is tailor made to your personal preference. Immersive and transparent, our service allows you to be as involved in the process as suits you. Collaborate with some of Hatton Garden’s finest jewellers and gemstone experts to craft your truly personal wedding rings.


Made to Match

Our experts will ensure your engagement ring and wedding ring sit side by side in perfect unison. We’ll craft your ring according to the profile of your engagement ring, for the ultimate bridal set.

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Truly Bespoke

We’ll craft your wedding rings from scratch - allowing you to make custom design choices. Add engravings, choose the profile of your band or create a totally unique ring.

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Our Process

Be involved from start to finish


Share your ideas and inspiration.

Explore our core collection of classic and contemporary designs, browse ideas online or visit our experts with a totally unique wedding ring design.


Browse designs and finalise your order.

In store, our experts will show you our collection of signature designs to try on. We’ll take your ring size measurements and get the ball rolling on crafting your custom wedding rings.


Collect in time for the big day.

Upon collecting your rings, we’ll make sure the bands fit perfectly and give your engagement ring a clean in time for the special day!


We’re based in the heart of Hatton Garden

Start your journey today by booking an appointment with one of our friendly, knowledgable design consultants.

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Connect with our experts

Whether you’re ready to begin the process of crafting your wedding rings or would like a little more info, we’re here to help. Book an appointment or get in touch to speak with one of our experts.


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Why buy your wedding rings in Hatton Garden?

Hatton Garden is home to some of the most accomplished jewellers and goldsmiths in the UK, and is widely regarded as the country’s most prominent jewellery hub. Thanks to the long history of crafts people and makers that the Garden has seen, the jewellery industry in Hatton Garden is as alive as ever, with jewellers like Holts Gems making the most of age old traditional techniques alongside cutting edge methods to craft fine jewellery, engagement rings and wedding rings

Operating within the jewellery hub of Hatton Garden allows Holts Gems to keep our costs lower than the big-name jewellery brands and chains that occupy the main shopping districts of London and the UK. Because of this, Holts Gems are able to craft wedding rings with far more competitive pricing, whilst also creating wedding rings specifically for you - rather than off the shelf, ready made rings. Thanks to our in-house workshop, each Holts Gems wedding ring is made to order. Crafting a tailor made wedding ring provides the opportunity to make personal tweaks are amends to the design, ensuring your wedding bands are a truly personal purchase.


What are the different styles of wedding rings to choose from?

When it comes to choosing your wedding rings, there are plenty of classic and contemporary styles to choose from. Both men’s wedding rings and women’s can be crafted in a range of different styles to suit you - and if you’re not after a traditional ring, you’re certainly able to blur the lines of what a wedding ‘should’ look like with Holts Gems’ bespoke service.

Plain wedding rings

The most traditional choice for men’s wedding rings, classic, plain wedding rings are a timeless choice. Whilst the design is by nature simple, there are still a number of design options to choose from - including the profile shape of the ring. 

Full court wedding rings - both the inner and outer surfaces of the band are rounded for a comfortable fit and soft aesthetic

D shape wedding rings - the inner surface is flat, with a rounded outer surface for a traditional look and a fit that some prefer to the full court

Light court wedding rings - the inner and outer surfaces are gently rounded, for a more subtle domed effect than the full court 

Domed court wedding rings - the inner surface features a gentle, light dome, whilst the outer surface is domed in similar style to the full court 

The best way to figure which profile works best for you is to try on each style. Book an appointment to get to grips with the different plain wedding options.

Diamond wedding rings

Diamond wedding rings or ‘eternity rings’ are a popular choice for women’s wedding rings. Opt for a full eternity, meaning the diamonds cover 100% of the ring’s circumference, or choose to cover, for example, between 40-60% of the ring. This will give the illusion of a full eternity ring when viewed from above, alongside your engagement ring. Eternity rings can also be crafted with gemstones such as sapphires and rubies, and look beautiful interspersed with melee diamonds. 

There are a number of diamond wedding ring styles to choose from. You may wish to emanate style elements of your engagement ring to craft a bridal set - choosing the same setting style as your engagement ring will help you to do so.

Scallop set wedding rings - scallop wedding rings are a popular, contemporary style, and are regarded as the most sparkly option as the open-sided setting for each individual diamond allows the most light to bounce around within the diamonds. 

Pavé set wedding rings - this is a traditional setting style that is evocative of vintage design, and looks beautiful alongside antique inspired engagement rings. The diamonds are set between tiny balls of the metal, usually edged by a thin strip of the metalwork. 

Channel set wedding rings - a channel setting is a modern style, the metal work usually more visible than that of a pavé or scallop wedding ring as the diamonds are set between two strips of metal.

Bezel or rubover set wedding rings - this is a great style choice for those after something contemporary. The diamonds sit flush within the metal work of the band.

Shaped wedding rings 

Your engagement ring may not be ‘wed fit’, meaning you may need to consider a shaped wedding ring. Shaped, or ‘contoured’ wedding rings are a beautiful design choice whether your engagement ring requires one or not, and make for a more unusual, boho bridal style.

Engraved wedding rings

Add a meaningful note to your custom wedding rings with an engraving. You’ll be able to choose the script and message. Whether you pick a meaningful date, your initials or even an emoji, this is a perfect way to honour your relationship.

Bespoke wedding rings

Create something totally unique with a bespoke wedding ring. Whether you want a non-traditionally shaped band or a complex contour to fit around your engagement ring, there’s plenty of scope for creating something totally unique. Book an appointment to meet with our experts and discuss your original design.


What is the recommended metal choice for my wedding ring?

Our wedding rings are available in platinum, 18k white gold, 18k rose gold and 18k yellow gold. These are the optimal alloys for crafting rings that are equal parts beautiful as well as durable - able to last a lifetime whilst looking gorgeous and complementary in tone.

When it comes to choosing which metal colour to opt for, we highly recommend you match the metal type to that of your engagement ring. If you intend to wear your bridal set alongside one another, it’s important to ensure the metal types are of equal durability - a stronger metal may wear away the other ring. For example, a platinum engagement ring should be matched with a platinum wedding ring, rather than a white gold ring (which may look the same, but would suffer alongside platinum).

Of course, not everyone has to worry about matching their wedding ring to their engagement ring. You may want to base your choice on the metal type you find most flattering or the style it evokes.

Platinum wedding rings - the bright, silver tone is a classic and timeless choice, and works well for contemporary wedding rings. Platinum is the hardest, most durable metal option for wedding rings - so you may prefer the metal type from a practicality point of view. If you’re choosing to set diamonds in your wedding ring, platinum is a great choice to keep the diamonds looking bright and colourless.

18k white gold wedding rings - white gold is similar in appearance to platinum, after being plated in rhodium. Without the rhodium, the tone is a slightly buttery-yellow. The downfall of white gold is that it needs re-plating throughout its lifetime to keep the tone bright and silvery.

18k yellow gold wedding rings - yellow gold is a warm, flattering metal colour for most skin tones. The most traditional choice for wedding rings and bridal jewellery, yellow gold has the ability to appear vintage or contemporary depending on the setting style you opt for. 

18k rose gold wedding rings - rose gold is a contemporary option, and is less commonly chosen than the other metal types. In recent years, rose gold has become far more considered for men’s wedding rings - traditionally either yellow gold or platinum took prominence. Rose gold is a beautiful choice for diamond set wedding rings and makes for a unique bridal set.


Can I create a custom wedding ring?

As with our engagement rings, each of our wedding rings is custom made, according to your preferences. Choose a design to replicate from our core collection, or create a unique idea of your own - either way, we’ll craft your custom wedding ring from scratch, allowing you the opportunity to tailor your design to suit you. 

As we make each ring in-house, we’re able to match your custom wedding ring to the unique profile of your engagement ring. Whether you choose a traditional or shaped wedding ring, our design experts will craft your wedding ring to complete your bridal set, for the perfect duo.

Having finalised your design, our artisanal jewellers will set to crafting your custom wedding rings, which should take around four weeks. Channeling their skill set into meticulously crafting each custom wedding ring with precision and care.