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Professional Jeweller - INTERVIEW: Jason Holt and Theo Fennell

Industry leaders say now is the time to commit, celebrate and educate.
By Melissa Ban
1 min read
Professional Jeweller - INTERVIEW: Jason Holt and Theo Fennell - Holts Gems

"Now is the time to commit to our workforce, our apprentices, our graduates. To celebrate what we have – make jewellery for Britain what wine is for the French. To educate the consumer, so they understand what they’re missing out on." - Jason Holt

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Renowned industry figure Theo Fennell's recent discussion with guest editor Jason Holt left a lasting impression, sparking a collective determination to transform the British jewellery sector. Despite initial concerns over industry challenges, their conversation evolved into a compelling action plan aimed at elevating the UK's jewellery industry to global acclaim.

The pivotal moment of commitment to nurturing talent, showcasing British craftsmanship, and enhancing consumer awareness marked the culmination of Jason's interview with Theo. Their shared vision resonates with the essence of celebrating and educating, paving the way for a revitalised industry landscape.

Jason's admiration for Theo's contributions to the trade underscores the significance of their dialogue. From Theo's unique perspective as an advocate for British craftsmanship, the conversation delved into the root causes of the industry's perceived shortcomings.

Theo's critique highlighted key issues such as the industry's struggle to maintain allure amidst changing consumer preferences and the encroachment of conglomerates. He emphasised the importance of distinguishing between fashion and fine jewellery, lamenting the erosion of traditional craftsmanship values in favor of mass production and commercialism.

The conversation also shed light on the crucial role of consumer education and storytelling in reshaping perceptions of jewellery. Theo's insights underscored the need for a concerted effort to communicate the artistry and emotion behind each piece, transcending mere monetary value.

Central to Theo's message was a call to action for industry stakeholders to prioritise workforce development, celebrate British heritage, and engage in proactive consumer outreach efforts. He emphasised the potential for transformation within the industry, urging collective commitment to driving positive change.

In response to Theo's impassioned plea, Jason outlined a comprehensive vision for industry revitalisation, encompassing principles of workforce investment, cultural celebration, and consumer education. This vision represents a transformative blueprint for establishing Britain's jewelry industry as a global leader.

As Jason and Theo concluded their discussion, it became evident that the time for change is now. Amidst economic uncertainty, there exists a unique opportunity to champion British craftsmanship and redefine the narrative surrounding jewellery consumption. The call to action is clear: it's time for Great British jewellery to shine.


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