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BBC Radio 2 - With Chris Evans

Jason Holt talking to Chris Evans as a guest star on BBC Radio 2 on 20th October about the Holts empire he has built...
By Melissa Ban
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BBC Radio 2 - With Chris Evans - Holts Gems

Jason Holt talking to Chris Evans as a guest star on BBC Radio 2 on 20th October about the Holts empire he has built.

Listen to the full record here.

'I've got a an academy a jewellery Academy in Hatton garden and we are trying to train the next generation, because jewellery is a fantastic 
profession and not enough people coming into it and we've got an opportunity to make Britain a great place for jewellery.'

'It's beautiful it's about craftsmanship, it's about design it's all those things that people love and it's amazing how many how few people think you're in as a career and so what has different aspects are there to to these career opportunities. You know how many different Avenues can you sort of wander down in the jewellery World. Well is everything from design through to making it and uh it could be sprucing up your diamonds or emeralds and sapphires as we just heard uh or to be selling it or making setting up a business in jewellery all right they said what's called for this as a career are you getting many many applicants well. 

At the end of the day jewellery is really about something of Joy it's a symbol of love and you give it when you get married or to propose or it could be a gift so value money is really important I wouldn't necessarily say there's one of your you need to have a trust in the person you buy from as much as you would trust the person buying a second-hand telephone if you trust the person good luck there yeah, well there you go but you need to have that feeling almost like a relationship you have with your doctor you need to feel good with that person all right.

Before you go give us a top three tips there to uh to clean our jewellery at home? 

'Take it to your Jeweller and they'll give a professional to clean an ultrasonic machine and a various polishing machines so if you want me be 
all new and looking jewel take it to your jewellery that you trust.'


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