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3 Classic Types of Engagement Ring Styles You Need To Know

It MUST be special; an engagement ring MUST be meaningful, personal and the style of each must fit the recipient PERFECTLY.

By Melissa Ban
3 min read
3 Classic Types of Engagement Ring Styles You Need To Know - Holts Gems

Whether you are looking for glorious gems to glittering diamonds, rosy rubies to the deepest of green emeralds, bespoke beauties to timeless classics. Our collection of rings at Holts Gems features delicate rose gold bands to striking, classic platinum - there’s a ring style to suit all.

Engagement ring styles, settings, stones, shapes vary so greatly; the choice of gemstone can be chosen to match any colour of the rainbow, limitless variants of stone cuts and plethoras of unique settings and band materials......the world is your oyster...or in this case, it could be your pearl, when it comes to YOUR ring.

Considering an engagement ring is going to be worn every single day of the bearer’s life… it’s kind of a big deal right? A ring that is to be worn every day, looked upon at multiple moments throughout each and when done so, bears as a reminder of a partner's L O V E and acts in transporting the wearer back to that magical proposal and all those fantastical feelings that came with it.

💗It MUST be special; an engagement ring MUST be meaningful, personal and the style of each must fit the recipient PERFECTLY.💗

A perfectly simple and timeless option is, of course, the solitaire style, it is both elegant and classic yet still presents such fantastic versatility. A solitaire style ring holds either a single diamond or single gemstone, it’s uncomplicated and sophisticated, this style has always been immensely popular from generation to generation.

The recently engaged Mollie King was delighted with a classic solitaire; a stunning oval brilliant cut diamond on a simple 18ct yellow gold band, sophisticated and delicate it’s a piece that suits her stylish character so perfectly - oval cut diamonds are such a flattering style for all, elongating the finger and making it appear slimmer.

Ever-increasing in popularity, the halo ring continues to gain admirers, helped along, of course, by royal wearers Princess Eugenie and Kate Middleton, both owning especially remarkable and memorable pieces. Princess Eugenie's ring with its perfect, pale pink, oval sapphire, set in yellow gold and encircled by twelve shimmering diamonds, two of them pear cut, is a fantastic example of how one can create such a unique and beautiful bespoke piece yet all based on a classic ring style.

Princess Eugenie's Padparadscha Sapphire Ring

Originally Princess Diana’s, Kate Middleton’s halo ring hosts that infamous 12-carat blue sapphire that is encased by fourteen diamonds, the ring is exceptional, isn’t it wondrous how it suits both Princess Diana and Kate so tremendously? Halo’s are stylish and striking, although they’ve existed for over a century their popularity remains and can be adapted to bespoke contemporary pieces for equally stylish wearers. We offer a stunning and ROYAL selection of halo rings at Holts Gems, both gemstone and diamond, you’ll find one fit for a princess, your princess.

Duchess of Cambridge’s Sapphire Cluster Ring

Triple the sparkle? Trilogy rings are a symbolic and classic style, with an additional two stones more than that of solitaire, they are considered a little more extravagant. Trilogy rings are known to represent the past, present and future in a relationship so they’re a wonderful option for a romantic and meaningful gesture...of course, that’s in addition to the romantic and meaningful proposal. A royal fan of the trilogy includes Meghan Markle, she provides fantastic inspiration for fans of the trilogy ring in that she actually redesigned the band of her original ring swapping it from classic yellow gold to a more delicate version studded with diamonds. It’s marvelous to see such an example of the slight, but impactful changes one can make to a classic style to ensure it’s every inch uniquely crafted to fit their personality alone.

Duchess of Sussex’s Trilogy Ring
Inspired by Meghan’s stunning engagement ring? Check out our timeless, trilogy style designs, they, just as our halo’s do, are guaranteed to make any bearer feel empowered and beautiful.

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