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Learn more about yellow gold engagement rings


What is yellow gold?

In its natural and untampered with form, 24k gold is yellow - in fact, a bright, intense yellow that many find too garish. Too soft to craft into fine jewellery, the gold is typically mixed with measures of white metals like zinc and silver to produce an alloy that is both durable and beautifully toned. When it comes to engagement rings, the best alloy to use is 18k yellow gold, in which the colour is perfectly balanced with the strength of the metal.


Choosing yellow gold engagement rings

A yellow gold engagement ring is the perfect choice for traditionalists, and works well in most classic engagement ring designs. Once the obvious choice for precious jewellery, the popularity of yellow gold engagement rings dipped as platinum became the forerunner during the minimalist aesthetic of the 1990s and 2000s. More recently, yellow gold has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, largely thanks to the popularity of Meghan Markle’s engagement ring and a love for all things warm, glowy and romantic

Yellow gold has a long history of being heralded as the most desirable metal amongst cultures across the globe: the Aztec, Roman, Egyptian and Ancient Indian cultures are synonymous with yellow gold jewellery. Associated with settlements around the world, yellow gold engagement rings can have a beautiful exotic appeal, particularly when set with coloured gemstones such as emeralds and rubies.  

Universally adored, yellow gold engagement rings flatter most wearers. The warmth of yellow gold is the perfect complement to dark and olive skin tones, whilst the contrast is a great way to make the engagement ring pop on paler skin tones.


Celebrities with yellow gold engagement rings

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle’s engagement ring is credited with bringing yellow gold engagement rings back in style. The bespoke trilogy ring, designed by Harry, originally featured a plain yellow gold band and a cushion cut diamond set with two round brilliant diamonds, inherited from Princess Diana, either side. In 2019, the ring underwent some alterations, including a thinned, micro pavé set band, which Meghan wear’s alongside her plain yellow gold wedding band and a pavé set diamond eternity ring to mark the birth of Prince Archie. The perfect yellow gold bridal set.

Emily Ratajkowski

When Emily Ratajkowski wed Sebastian Bear-McClard in a secret courthouse ceremony, the couple donned custom made rings crafted in the shape of each others’ nicknames. A couple of months on from the wedding, Emily revealed the engagement ring they designed together. The ‘toi et moi’ style ring features a large pear diamond and princess cut set at complementary angles, on a plain yellow gold band. Opting to rebel against trends for thin, diamond set wedding bands, Emily’s androgenous, thick plain wedding band is the perfect way to finish her alternative bridal set.

Kirsten Dunst

Just like her signature vintage style, Kirsten Dunst’s engagement ring makes the most of nostalgic design. The yellow gold trilogy engagement ring features an oval centre diamond, flanked by two baguette diamonds. The combination of step cut side diamonds and yellow gold make for a vintage style ring that complements Kirsten’s style perfectly.


Style tips for yellow engagement rings

Minimalist yellow gold solitaire engagement rings

During the 90s and 2000s, minimalism took hold of the jewellery scene, and platinum rose in popularity. It turns out, however, that minimalist yellow gold rings are a really great decision - try fancy shape diamonds such as emerald cuts, pear diamonds and princess cut diamonds for a simple but unique yellow gold engagement ring. Choosing a rub-over setting is a great styling tip for yellow gold solitaire rings, for a contemporary style.

Yellow gold sapphire engagement rings

Add contrasting colour to your yellow gold engagement ring with a brightly coloured gemstone. Complementary to yellow, blue sapphires make for an extremely eye catching design when set in yellow gold engagement rings. The combination of emeralds and yellow gold gives an exotic appeal, whilst rubies similarly ‘pop’ when set in yellow gold. Alternatively, a yellow diamond can look exceptionally romantic and ethereal when set in 18k yellow gold.

Yellow gold trilogy engagement rings

Prince Harry knew what he was doing when he designed Meghan Markle’s engagement ring - a simple, plain gold band with three graduated stones is a recipe for an alluring, traditional engagement ring. Choose either a round brilliant or cushion cut centre diamond, flanked by round diamonds for a traditional look, or step cut side diamonds such as trillion or baguette cuts for an early 20th century style.