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Learn more about solitaire engagement rings


What are solitaire engagement rings?

Also known as single stone rings, solitaire engagement rings are exactly that - rings that feature only 1 stone. Typically, a solitaire engagement ring features a diamond, usually a round brilliant cut, but can also be set with fancy shape diamonds and coloured gemstones. Some may refer to rings with diamond set bands as solitaires, but technically, this is a whole different engagement ring style of its own. Solitaire engagement rings are inherently refined and minimalist, the simplicity of the design allowing the centre diamond to be the focus point of the engagement ring.

Solitaire engagement rings are often interpreted as a symbol of unification, the single stone evocative of the two partners in the relationship, coming together as one entity. Stylish, timeless and traditional, read on for everything you should know about solitaire engagement rings, and a few design ideas to inspire your choice.


What is the history of solitaire engagement rings?

Since the late 19th century, De Beers has been at the forefront of diamond mining, eventually establishing the De Beers jewellery company. Come 1938, their world famous slogan ‘a diamond is forever’ took a grip of the jewellery industry, and soon the solitaire engagement ring was the staple of most proposals - the single stone representing the relationship that was to last forever. Along with the slogan, images of glamourous women wearing solitaire diamond rings were published, encouraging solitaire engagement rings to become an aspiration amongst couples in America, Europe and eventually worldwide. Written into wedding tradition in the 20th century, the solitaire continues to be an incredibly popular choice, proving its worth as a timeless engagement ring design.

Another jewellery powerhouse, Tiffany, engineered the ‘Tiffany setting’, a six claw solitaire engagement ring that became an iconic design, and has influenced jewellers across the globe. In more recent years, rub-over solitaire engagement rings have become a popular choice for those seeking a contemporary engagement ring.


Why people choose solitaire engagement rings

Solitaire engagement rings are a traditional choice, and the perfect match for those that value timelessness and romance. Symbolically, solitaire engagement rings represent the unification of your relationship, and the coming together of each member of the couple. 

Style wise, solitaire engagement rings are favoured by those with minimalist aesthetics, and the refined setting style is typically simple, and incredibly wearable. The most popular style of solitaire engagement ring is set with a round brilliant diamond in platinum, but increasingly people are looking for something that’s as simple as a traditional engagement ring, but with a little more edge. For an alternative solitaire engagement ring, try a fancy shape diamond, such as a princess cut or pear diamond, or a sapphire, ruby or emerald for a pop of colour.


Celebrities with solitaire engagement rings

Kate Bosworth

Simplicity at its finest, Kate Bosworth’s engagement ring is refined in design - an Asscher cut square diamond sits in a solitaire platinum engagement ring setting, which she wears alongside a simple diamond wedding ring. This is the perfect example of a minimalist platinum engagement ring.

Lauren Conrad

A master in nailing simple aesthetics, Lauren Conrad’s engagement ring is suitably minimalist. Lauren makes a serious case for solitaire engagement rings; the 2ct round brilliant diamond sits in a sweet and simple, 4 claw ring setting. With a peachy toned Instagram feed and Californian, beachy lifestyle, a rose gold engagement ring really was the ideal choice for LC.

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley’s engagement ring is as demure as she is: refined and elegant, the platinum solitaire engagement ring features a plain band a round diamond, believed to be under 2ct. Keira prefers to stay out of the limelight, which reflects the understated aesthetic of her solitaire engagement ring.