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Rose gold engagement rings. Crafted by us, for you.

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 Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement rings are by no means the traditional choice, but in recent years, demand for the soft, warm metal colour has been on the rise. Unlike platinum and yellow gold, rose gold is a relatively new trend to take hold of the jewellery scene, making a rose gold engagement ring the perfect choice for contemporary styles and unique engagement rings.


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What is rose gold?

Whilst we often hear ideals of ‘24k gold’ being the height of sophistication, pure gold is actually in no way ideal for engagement rings, or jewellery in general. The hue of 24k gold is a bright yellow that many find too brash, and the softness of the metal makes it unsuitable for an item of jewellery that is to be worn everyday. For this reason, metals are mixed to create an alloy that has the perfect balance of durability and beauty. To achieve the warm, pink hue of rose gold, copper is added to gold, usually with the addition of silver to desaturate and balance the severity of the colour. The result is a subtle, pinkish blush tone - in fact, the alloy is often referred to as pink gold as well as rose gold.  


Why we love rose gold engagement rings

Each metal colour has their appeal, but rose gold engagement rings certainly hold a unique charm. The soft, pink tones are evocative of romanticism and lust, making rose gold the ideal choice for engagement rings - a true token of love.

An engagement ring is a deeply personal choice: a representation of the wearer, the giver, and their love together. As a relatively uncommon choice, rose gold engagement rings are a beautiful symbol of your unique relationship, and a great way to stand out from the crowd. The metal colour holds up contemporary engagement ring designs extremely well, and can elevate what may otherwise be a relatively traditional ring into something a little more modern and unique.

Perhaps the most attractive quality of rose gold engagement rings is their ability to warm skin tones and flatter the wearer. Thanks to the earthy, coppery-pink tones, rose gold engagement rings are famously favourable for most, if not all, skin tones.

If our penchant for rose gold hasn’t been enough to persuade you, check out these celebrities with rose gold engagement rings for a little inspiration.


Celebrities with rose gold engagement rings

Blake Lively

The mother of all celebrity engagement rings, partner Ryan Reynolds knocked it out of the park with Blake Lively’s engagement ring. What we’re betting is one of the most Googled rose gold engagement rings, the beauty features a sizeable 12ct oval cut diamond with a thin, micro pavé band. The centre stone is a subtly coloured pink diamond, making rose gold the obvious choice to complement the natural beauty of the stone. 

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Leighton Meester

There must have been something in the air at Gossip Girl HQ, as Blake Lively’s co-star Leighton Meester also wears a rose gold engagement ring. Exuding a completely different feel, partner Adam Brody chose a rub-over setting for a contemporary engagement ring, without the embellishment of a diamond set band. In between two dainty diamonds sits a 4ct cushion cut diamond: the perfect rose gold trilogy engagement ring. Leighton dresses up her ring with a scallop set, rose gold diamond wedding band, for a perfect bridal set. 

Alison Brie

Star of GLOW and Mad Men, it’s only right that Alison Brie’s engagement ring is as captivating as her back catalogue. Actor partner Dave Franco proposed after three years of dating, and did not disappoint with Alison’s round brilliant cut diamond, set in a double pavé halo. The rose gold engagement ring is both reminiscent of Art Deco rings, whilst contemporary in its own right.

Lauren Conrad  

A master in nailing simple aesthetics, Lauren Conrad’s engagement ring is suitably minimalist. Lauren makes a serious case for solitaire engagement rings; the 2ct round brilliant diamond sits in a sweet and simple, 4 claw ring setting. With a peachy toned Instagram feed and Californian, beachy lifestyle, a rose gold engagement ring really was the only choice for LC. 


Which rose gold engagement ring style should I choose?

The beauty of our bespoke engagement ring service at Holts Gems means you can pick any engagement ring style you want - whether its an established design from our engagement ring collection, or a unique idea of your own. If your ideas are running a little dry, or you need some advice on what might work for your rose gold engagement ring, check out our top 3 style ideas

Rose gold & pink sapphire engagement rings

As proved by Blake Lively’s engagement ring, pink gemstones and rose gold are the ultimate, harmonious combination. Whether you choose a pink diamond, or a more economical pink sapphire, the rosy hues will be lifted and complemented by a rose gold engagement ring shank. Other colour combinations that work well with rose gold are peach sapphires and the coral tones of Padparadscha sapphires. Sapphire and diamond engagement rings are always a good idea, so why not add diamond detailing with a pavé set diamond band, or two dainty diamonds either side of the centre stone to make up a trilogy ring?

Rose gold solitaire engagement rings

As inspired by Lauren Conrad’s engagement ring, rose gold clearly suits the minimalist aesthetic. Using a single diamond, a solitaire setting is the perfect way to make the most of the centre diamond whilst also allowing enough space for your warm, rose gold band to be well-visible. Choosing rose gold for your solitaire engagement ring allows you to update an otherwise classic design, for a chic, contemporary engagement ring. 

Rose gold halo engagement rings

If you choose a diamond centre stone for your rose gold engagement ring, you may be concerned about the diamond not appearing as bright as it would in a platinum setting. One sure fire way to keep your diamond looking bright and white is with a halo of equally bright and white melee diamonds. A scallop set halo will encourage light reflection towards and within your centre diamond, ensuring plenty of sparkly and radiance. This rose gold engagement ring style looks particularly strong with oval cut, marquise and pear diamonds.