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As a bespoke jeweller, we’re able to create the design you have in mind. Explore our core collection of designs, browse ideas online or make your mark with a vintage inspired engagement ring.

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Choose your centre stone.

Let our experts know a bit about the centre stone you’re after - we’ll then prepare a selection of the finest diamonds or gemstones that suit your preference and budget.


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View our sample ring settings or share your original design idea with us. We’ll iron our the details together, and once perfected, your concept will enter our workshop.


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Learn more about platinum engagement rings


What is platinum?

Despite its similar appearance, platinum is not to be confused with silver, which is not suitable for engagement rings or fine jewellery. Whilst the word ‘platinum’ derives from the Spanish word ‘platino’, translating as ‘little silver’, platinum is actually far more durable and less prone to denting, scratching or corroding. Found largely in South Africa, platinum deposits are relatively rare, whilst also shaping up as a particularly beautiful and durable metal, meaning its price point is slightly higher than gold.


Are platinum engagement rings better than white gold?

Despite appearances, there is quite a big difference between platinum and white gold. Platinum engagement rings are preferable for most, as the metal requires a lot less maintenance. White gold has a buttery, slightly yellow tone, which is then coated with rhodium for the desired bright, silver hue. Unfortunately, this plating will need replacing numerous times throughout the rings lifespan, as the rhodium wears away and the yellow tone of the white gold becomes visible. Platinum does hold a marginally heavier price tag than white gold, but the lack of maintenance time and cost makes platinum engagement rings a much more popular choice than white gold.


Why consider platinum engagement rings?

It could be argued that a platinum engagement ring is the sensible choice: the lack of colour means the metal suits all wearers, the metalwork does not distract from the ring’s diamonds and precious gemstones, and the ring will go with any outfit, nail or hair colour choice. 

As well as the aesthetic versatility of platinum engagement rings, the natural durability of the metal makes it a great choice for fine jewellery. Whilst all metal types will scratch and scuff, platinum is by far the strongest metal for jewellery that may incur the knocks of daily life, the band will not thin, and the diamond or gemstone will be kept firmly in place.

You may choose to base your metal colour choice on the type of gemstone your engagement ring features. Colourless diamonds look their best when set in platinum, as the bright silver tones keep the diamond looking icy, bright and colourless. Platinum engagement rings greatly enhance a diamond, whilst in yellow or rose gold engagement rings, warm hues and traces of yellow, orange and pink may be picked up and reflected within the stone. One way of combating this is by using platinum claws or halo, and choosing coloured gold just for the band of the ring


Celebrities with platinum engagement rings

Louise Thompson

Ex-Made in Chelsea cast member turned influencer, Louise Thompson got engaged to Ryan Libbey whilst on a trip in LA. The cushion cut diamond is certainly not small, and is framed by a refined halo of melee diamonds. Platinum was the perfect choice for Louise’s engagement ring, keeping the colourless diamonds looking bright and icy.

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas made waves with their secret Las Vegas wedding, shortly followed by a larger than life wedding in France. For the proposal, Joe chose the perfect contemporary ring to match Sophie’s aesthetic, with a unique platinum engagement ring setting. The pear diamond is bordered by two thin diamond bands, one sitting at the tip and the other at the rounded base of the diamond.

Kate Bosworth

Simplicity at its finest, Kate Bosworth’s engagement ring is refined in design - an Asscher cut square diamond sits in a solitaire platinum engagement ring setting, which she wears alongside a simple diamond wedding ring. This is the perfect example of a minimalist platinum engagement ring.


Styling platinum engagement rings

Creating your unique engagement ring with bespoke jewellers means your design options are endless - but this may seem a little daunting. Viewing our core collection of engagement ring designs can be a great place to start, or you may wish to bring us a unique idea of your own. Either way, if you need a little inspiration, see our favourite style tips for platinum engagement rings.

Platinum diamond engagement rings

The lack of colour in platinum makes it the perfect accompaniment for a colourless stone, namely a diamond. Pairing the two together enables the diamond to remain as bright, colourless and clear as possible, without the interference of other colours being picked up. To further enhance the brilliance of your diamond engagement ring, try adding a halo of melee diamonds, which will encourage light to bounce around within and between the stones. At Holts Gems, we’ll ensure the diamonds of your halo perfectly match the colour grade of your centre diamond - making sure neither distracts from the other.

Platinum six claw engagement rings

A great design detail of platinum engagement rings is its propensity to produce a classic engagement ring. Perhaps the most classic of engagement ring designs, a six claw solitaire engagement ring is the perfect style choice for platinum. Thought to have originated at the iconic jewellery store Tiffany, the six claw ring has an enduring style that transcends fashion in the same way platinum remains at the forefront of jewellery design: a winning combination.

Platinum diamond band engagement ring

A diamond set band adds a beautiful level of detailing to platinum engagement rings. Whether you choose a scallop, channel or pavé setting, the platinum metal work enhances the sparkle of each of the melee diamonds, which typically weigh between 0.18 to 0.001 carats. Choose a thinner diamond set band for something dainty and delicate looking, or go big for major sparkle.