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Discover Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are an incredibly durable choice for an engagement ring due to their hard and withstanding nature, meaning they are enjoyed for years to come, so your story can be shared forever.

  • Featuring one single stone, diamond solitaire engagement rings are the most traditional and enduring choice of engagement ring. See our most popular designs below, featuring a variety of metals and stone cuts, all luxurious in their own way. Their simple sophistication and timeless style make them a suitor for traditional brides as it joins them on their journey through married life.

  • The trilogy ring, also known as a trinity ring or three-stone ring, features three dazzling diamonds together, that each symbolise the past, present and future. 

    We offer a choice of stunning diamond trilogy rings on platinum, yellow gold or rose gold bands, with a range of settings to highlight the formation of your trio of diamonds. It is worth mentioning different shapes on the shoulders - pear shapes, trapeze, trillion as well as round.

  • Maximise glamour and impact with a diamond halo engagement ring. At Holts, we have a selection of halo rings which have been conscientiously constructed to exhibit your central diamond in the most captivating way. Alongside traditional halo style rings we offer some unique and contemporary variants too - whether you decide to choose a plain band, split band or diamond pave band, for extra sparkle - anything is possible here at Holts.

  • Coloured diamond Fancy Colour Diamond engagement rings are both stunning and incredibly eye-catching. Coloured diamonds are extremely precious and available in a choice of beautiful colours for you to choose from. They expose character and create a wonderful sense of charisma in your chosen ring. If you like the look of our ready-made diamond pieces but want to change the colour of the diamond then enquire about our semi-bespoke services. Contact our GIA experts about coloured diamond rings.

  • Holts are excited to be part of this new direction in the jewellery world. Alongside our beautiful and precious natural diamonds, we are delighted to present their lab-originated counterparts. Any one of our existing engagement ring designs can be customised with a lab-grown diamond centre stone. You can choose your perfect lab diamond- its cut, carat, clarity and colour - exactly like their natural counterparts.

    Our design and diamond experts are here to guide you through creating the ring of your dreams, but there really is no limit to how you use lab diamonds. We believe every piece should be as unique as the story it’s representing. Contact our GIA experts about lab-grown diamond rings.


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