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Which Colour Sapphire Should I Choose For My Engagement Ring?

So you’re set - a sapphire it is…but…pink, teal, blue, yellow? How will you possibly decide which colour?
By Melissa Ban
3 min read
Which Colour Sapphire Should I Choose For My Engagement Ring? - Holts Gems

September is in full swing; leaves are falling, the nights draw in that little sooner, the air has a sudden coolness to it, pumpkin-spiced lattes are literally everywhere, and with it all.…the realisation that it could not be a more perfect time to propose to your september bride to be…

The Sapphire, September’s sparkling birthstone is a remarkable choice of engagement gemstone for any September proposal, or otherwise. Amongst the plethora of reasons to choose a sapphire for your engagement ring, one such is its astounding durability; so strong in fact that its synthetic version is often used in the composition of spacecraft, it is pretty out of this world indeed.

Undoubtedly the most renowned engagement ring of all time was one that hosted a Sapphire; Kate and Princess Diana’s Sapphire. Fit for a princess, fit for two princesses, this deep, royal blue sapphire is a popular and timeless option for an engagement ring of today and never ceasing in its popularity. 

Sapphire, this truly exceptional gemstone, offers, alongside the more renowned, deeply saturated blue hues, a vast spectrum of colour variants. Lesser known colour variants of the sapphire, but equally as exceptional, include yellow, pink and teal, each as fascinating and spellbinding as the other,

So you’re set - a sapphire it is…but…pink, teal, blue, yellow? 
How will you possibly decide which colour? 

Choosing your gemstone colour is often a difficult decision, it is of course a ring that’s to be worn for a lifetime so we know how important it is to you that you are comfortable with your choice. Colours, as do gemstones, host great meaning within; each colour represents a different association, whether by faith, astrology or design. Colours can be associated with so much, which in turn is a tremendous help in this instance. 

We already know the sapphire is the birthstone of September, so, of course, a perfect option for September birthday engagements, but to determine an exact colour choice from its variants we can incorporate other elements to support a decision, such as; the wearer’s favourite colour, the astrological meaning behind the stones colour or the colours meaning according to colour theorists. 

Did you know yellow, according to colour theorists, correlates to happiness and hope, and green; to new beginnings, abundance and nature? How special as such then to offer a symbol of happiness to someone who provides you with such profound happiness or exudes happiness themselves? In astrological terms, yellow sapphires are thought to promote a sense of calm in the wearer, it is the gemstone of loving relationships and represents divine grace and power…a powerful gesture calls for a powerful gemstone, does it not?

Only found in certain parts of the world, pink sapphires are considered very rare, symbolising truth, feminine power and  L. O. V. E…we don’t think there could be a more apt representation of our favourite four-letter word than a pink sapphire engagement ring.

Here at Holts, we are firm favourites of hidden messages within your engagement ring choice and the subtle gesture in choosing a colour with personal intention is, in our eyes, Notebook’ worthy, romantic.

“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.”

The sapphire’s diversity is uncanny; sapphire’s hues can deliver intense, smooth velvetiness, they can be both sumptuous, bold and rich or delicate, pretty and subtle; in any case, in any hue, the sapphire is always guaranteed to deliver both timelessness and ‘THE’ wow-factor. 

Although far more unique in choosing than the ever-popular diamond, the breathtaking  sapphire is undoubtedly nonetheless remarkable.

here to book a consultation to view the huge variety of sapphires we have available or can source for your engagement ring. Discover for yourself just why the sapphire is such a firm favourite with royalty. 

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