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The Ultimate Guide For Stacking Rings

By Melissa Ban
4 min read
The Ultimate Guide For Stacking Rings - Holts Gems

Stacking Rings are a modern trend that is gaining increasing popularity in the wedding ring world. But why can't one ring do the job of all three? Why does Meghan Markle wear three rings on her wedding finger? Let's take a closer look at the purpose of each ring and why having three is better than one.

What is a ring stack?

Stacking rings are a trio of rings that are all worn on the same finger. Each ring has its own unique meaning and purpose, often symbolising love, commitment and friendship - making them perfect for engagement, wedding or eternity rings. The three main types of stacking rings are engagement rings, wedding bands and eternity rings.

  • Wedding bands symbolise love, commitment and a promise of fidelity between two people.
  • Engagement rings, on the other hand, are typically given to a partner in an act of love as a sign of commitment and loyalty.

While wedding bands are more traditional in style, engagement rings come in myriad shapes and sizes with plenty of room for personalisation to make it unique and special.

Is there a ring style that works best in a stack?

Why, eternity rings, of course! Eternity rings usually have a special meaning to the couple who wears them. They come in a variety of metals, diamonds and gemstones, making them perfect for creating unique and stylish ring stacks.

Gold and platinum are popular choices for eternity rings since they are durable yet beautiful. Gemstone eternity rings can also be used to add a splash of colour to the stack. Diamond eternity rings are also becoming increasingly popular and can take your ring stack up another level!

Check out Rebecca Romijn's triple stack for her engagement ring and eternity rings.


No matter what style you choose, Eternity Rings symbolise eternal love and commitment - making them the perfect addition to wedding or engagement ring sets. Whether it's for yourself or someone else, an eternity ring is sure to be cherished for years to come. Why not add one to your stack today? With so many options available, you're sure to find the perfect eternity ring that will complete your wedding finger look.

Can you mix metals and stones?

Creating a ring stack with different metals and stones is an easy way to add texture, playfulness and personality to your look. Why not create a unique ring stack with yellow gold and rose gold rings, alongside diamond eternity rings? Or combine the timeless beauty of platinum with gemstone eternity rings in blue or pink sapphires. Have fun creating your own special stack of rings and make a statement that is all your own!


How to wear ring stacks on the left hand

When wearing ring sets, it's important to know how to place the rings correctly on your left hand. Traditionally, engagement and wedding rings are placed closest to the heart with eternity rings furthest away. The order of stacking should be: wedding band first, then engagement ring and finally eternity ring. If you're wearing more than one eternity ring, then it's best to alternate between metal types so they stand out better. Why not experiment and find a combination that suits your style? With stacking rings, there are endless possibilities!

Why does Meghan Markle wear 3 rings?


Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, wears three rings on her wedding finger: a simple gold band given to her by Prince Harry, a diamond eternity ring and an engagement ring featuring three large diamonds. The combination of these three rings symbolises love, commitment and loyalty between the two - making them ideal for stacking together in a unique ring set.

Meghan started wearing the pave-set ring which royal fans assume is a gift from Prince Harry.

The ring was embedded with the birthstone of Meghan, Prince Harry and Archie and, as we're told by Harper’s Bazaar. Some believe that Prince Harry gave Meghan the eternity ring as a present to celebrate the birth of their son while others believe it was given as a gift to celebrate their wedding anniversary. These are the main two reasons for gifting your partner an eternity ring - the birth of your child or an anniversary you are celebrating.

Next step?

So if you're looking for a way to celebrate your relationship that is both meaningful and stylish, then consider investing in a Stacking Ring Set. No matter what style or metal you choose, these rings will always serve as a reminder of the commitment and love shared between two individuals. Why not take the plunge and show your devotion in a truly special way? With a Stacking Ring Set, you'll always have something to look back on with fond memories. Speak to our designers today and let's create your dream ring stack together! 


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