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Sofia Richie’s Wedding: Redefining Modern Bridal Jewellery Trends

By Madeline Strintz
3 min read
Sofia Richie’s Wedding: Redefining Modern Bridal Jewellery Trends

Sofia Richie, fashion model and social media darling, has redefined the meaning of bridal jewellery trends with her stunning choice of jewellery for her recent wedding. Her personal style has always been fashionable and inspirational for women of all ages, and her wedding day looks were no exception. She dazzled us with her bespoke diamond drop earrings designed by none other than her sister Nicole Richie for her wedding rehearsal, and her glamorous tear-drop diamond earrings for the wedding ceremony itself. Not to mention her stunning emerald cut diamond engagement ring, diamond eternity wedding band, diamond band, and blue enamel ring. In this blog post, we’ll dive into how Sofia Richie’s wedding has influenced modern bridal jewellery trends, and highlight some of her most striking jewellery choices.

What jewellery did Sofia Richie wear for her wedding? 

sofia richie and nicole richie in her wedding day jewellery

Picture from Pinterest

Sofia Richie’s choice of jewellery for her wedding day was anything but traditional. She opted for bold statement pieces that showcased her glamorous and classic style. Her bespoke diamond drop earrings designed by her sister Nicole Richie were the perfect accessory that completed her elegant look for the wedding rehearsal. They were a modern take on traditional drop earrings with a bit of art deco, featuring dangling diamonds that framed her face beautifully. This bespoke masterpiece was the perfect introduction to the stunning bridal jewellery she would wear on her wedding day.

Sofia Richie Nicole Richie bespoke wedding rehearsal earrings

 Picture from Pinterest

For the wedding ceremony, Sofia had a surprise up her sleeve. She wore tear-drop diamond earrings that were the epitome of classic elegance. These earrings complemented her structured gown and modern makeup perfectly. They were not only suitable for the ceremony but could easily transition to a date night or a night out on the town. In true Sofia fashion, she made a statement with her choice of jewellery that transcends time.

Sofia Richie wedding earrings | Diamond teardrop earrings

Picture from Pinterest

Sofia Richie’s engagement ring was another exceptional piece of jewellery she wore for her wedding. Her emerald cut diamond engagement ring featured a striking centre stone that was long and sleek. Emulating Sofia’s personal fashion sense, this ring was classic, yet did not lack edge. This ring has definitely set the trend for women who want a classic, yet strikingly unique, engagement ring.

Sofia Richie engagement ring | Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge kissing

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Continuing with her non-traditional bridal jewellery choices, Sofia wore a diamond eternity wedding band. It exuded elegance while also adding a unique twist to the classic wedding band style. Rectangle diamonds ran across the front of the band giving it a modern, structured look. The wedding band has become a statement piece and is no longer meant to take a backseat to the engagement ring. Sofia’s choice in a diamond eternity band was a refreshing break from traditional gold and silver bands.

Sofia Richie wedding ring stack

Picture from Pinterest

Sofia Richie’s choices in bridal jewellery have truly redefined what it means to create a unique, yet timeless wedding day look. She made bold statement pieces look effortless and showed that breaking free from tradition is not only acceptable, but also the new norm. From bespoke diamond drop earrings created by her sister, to an emerald cut diamond engagement ring, a diamond eternity wedding band, a diamond band, and a blue enamel ring, Sofia has shown women everywhere that there’s no rulebook to follow when it comes to creating your own unique bridal jewellery style. Sofia’s wedding has become an incredible source of inspiration for all women, inspiring them to dare to be different and taking risks with their bridal jewellery choices. Overall, Sofia Richie’s wedding has truly laid down the foundation for the contemporary generation to redefine what it means to look and feel stunning on their special day.



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