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A True Bespoke Versus Semi Bespoke Jewellery

By Melissa Ban
4 min read
A True Bespoke Versus Semi Bespoke Jewellery - Holts Gems


A treasure like no other, totally unique and created especially for you or your loved one.

Having spent the majority of the past year in lockdown with many restrictions in place, we have all had time to re-evaluate and take a moment to grasp onto the little things, the little things which perhaps were once taken for granted.

Back when everyday life would take place at a million miles per hour, the everyday moments were often missed: the art of making your loved one a coffee in bed, the gesture of packing a picnic and some special fizz for your daily walk, brightening up your week with a date night in your own living room.

Now we have the opportunity to take a moment, to inject some sentiment, to plan for those thoughtful moments and to make something that extra special. This is reflected when buying meaningful jewellery during lockdown. Why not take it that next step further and create something completely personalised and unique- why not choose to create a completely bespoke piece of jewellery.

You may see many jewellers raving about their bespoke services, but on further investigation it is likely that you will discover there are few who offer a truly bespoke service.

We, like many others within this sector, offer semi bespoke services, of which we endeavour to use only the finest quality materials. No detail is left untouched, we always take time planning and constructing our products. So much so that when casting our metals, with either recycled gold or a fairtrade alternative, we take extra measures to ensure there is no porosity in the metal, resulting in a luxury, high end finish.

You may see a ring you like on our website, but you would like to make some adjustments in order of ensuring that it is perfect for the recipient; perhaps use an alternative material for the mount, use a specific birthstone on that style, or an alternative cut maybe? Our collection and service is second to none and still promises to deliver an extremely personal piece at the end of the design process. By choosing a semi bespoke service you have the benefit of using a design which has been developed and fine-tuned to the piece that it is today, whilst having the flexibility to personalise and add your very own finishing touch.

The difference between our semi bespoke and our true bespoke service is that true bespoke offers you the power to create each and every single aspect of your design from scratch - you have the ability to imagine a piece of complete uniqueness, that we have the ability to bring to life - delivering you with an incredible one-of-a-kind, entirely individual piece.


“There are no limits, if you can dream it...We can make it.”

We all have one somewhere; stashed away in a safe, gathering dust on a bedside cabinet, sitting pretty on the mantelpiece or at the back of a drawer intertwined in a mish mash of years of neglected jewellery - earrings that are missing their other half, bracelets minus their clasps and necklaces so entangled that even Houdini couldn’t master their undoing, THE family heirloom.

That beautiful piece of jewellery, a diamond, a gem, a memory - we’ve all got one somewhere and we all have the same thoughts in regards to what to do with them; “one day I will make this into a stunning piece of jewellery that I can wear and enjoy every day or sparkle with on special occasions.” Now you finally can!

Discreet, conscientious and attentive, we’ve worked up thousands of stunning and unique family heirloom designs over the years; we’ve crafted bespoke designs to fit unique shaped stones, weaved necklaces around the encased memories and encrusted with gems.

Brush off that dust, ignore that missing clasp and come and share with us the story of your stunning heirlooms so that together we can create a piece you won’t want to keep safely stashed but instead showcase and delight in every day.


“Different Is Beautiful.”

As with all our craft and design, we take meticulous care in producing pieces that will last a lifetime - heirlooms that will be passed from generation to generation. Whilst we say there are no limits - we will never produce a design which we know will not stand the test of time. Some materials you had in mind may not work in certain settings or purposes. That’s why we are here, if we think there’s even the slightest risk of your piece notwithstanding we will always advise on the best alternatives and do everything possible to ensure we are still delivering you both with your dream piece imagined and a treasure which truly can be treasured for lifetime and beyond.

Let’s start and turn that forgotten heirloom into something so very special.
“You have a one of a kind gift to offer this world, and you are unique in the entire history of creation.” - Wayne Dyer

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