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A Journey Through Time: The 2000s

By Madeline Strintz
2 min read
A Journey Through Time: The 2000s

Join us in celebrating Holt's 75th anniversary as we take a nostalgic journey through the decades that have shaped our industry. This week, we focus on the exciting 2000s, a period marked by the dawn of a new millennium.

What happened in the 2000s?

2000s Jewellery Trends:

In the world of jewellery, the 2000s witnessed the rise of halo rings as a popular choice for engagement rings. Coloured diamonds, like those embraced by JLo and Paris Hilton, became a trendsetter. Pave bands gained popularity in the mid-2000s, while double bands and radiant cuts dominated towards the end of the decade.

paris hilton yellow diamond engagement ring

jennifer lopez pink diamond engagement ring

2000s wedding trends:

Vera Wang emerged as a prominent bridal designer, renowned for her exquisite strapless and spaghetti strap dresses. The early 2000s favored simple, unadorned gowns, but brides later embraced embellishments and lace in the mid-2000s.

vera wang 2005 bridal

Famous weddings of the 2000s:

This era also witnessed numerous high-profile weddings, including Prince Charles and Camilla Bowles in 2004, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban in 2006, Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi in 2008, and the iconic union of Beyonce and Jay-Z in 2008.

charles and camilla wedding daybeyonce and jay z weddingellen degeneres and portia de rossi weddingnicole kidman and keith urban wedding

photos from pinterest

Follow as we continue to revisit this captivating era and celebrate the milestones that have shaped our industry.

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