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A bespoke engagement ring, crafted especially for you

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 Why Holts Gems

A service that revolves around you

At Holts Gems, each ring we craft is tailor made to your personal preference. Immersive and transparent, our service allows you to be as involved in the process as suits you. Collaborate with some of Hatton Garden’s finest jewellers and gemstone experts, and craft a ring that’s truly one of a kind.

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Diamonds & Gemstones

Our qualified gemmologists will help you find the perfect centre stone for your engagement ring, using their expertise to prepare a selection of the finest responsibly sourced diamonds and gemstones for your design.

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Truly Bespoke

We design and craft each ring in-house from start to finish. Be part of the process and create something truly unique.

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Our Process

Be involved from start to finish


Share your ideas and browse designs.

As a bespoke jeweller, we’re able to create the design you have in mind. Explore our core collection of designs, browse ideas online or make your mark with a vintage inspired engagement ring.

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Choose your centre stone.

Let our experts know a bit about the centre stone you’re after - we’ll then prepare a selection of the finest diamonds or gemstones that suit your preference and budget.


Review and finalise your design

View our sample ring settings or share your original design idea with us. We’ll iron our the details together, and once perfected, your concept will enter our workshop.


We’re based in the heart of Hatton Garden

Start your journey today by booking an appointment with one of our friendly, knowledgable design consultants.

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Connect with our experts

Whether you’re ready to begin the process of crafting your ring or would like a little more info, we’re here to help. Book an appointment or get in touch to speak with one of our experts.


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Our bespoke process

First - your appointment. Your first appointment will take place with one of our dedicated diamond or gemstone experts, within our relaxed studio. Usually lasting one hour, our experts are one hand to be helpful, guiding you through the process.

Second - finding your centre stone. Whether you’re interested in diamonds or coloured gemstones, your dedicated expert will show you a pre-prepared selection of stones to choose from. They’ll use their expertise to handpick the most suitable and beautiful stones, then explain the intricacies of each - whether that’s pointing out any inclusions, explaining the colour grade or comparing carat weights. Take your time to view your options, leave a deposit whilst you mull over a stone, or make your decision then and there - it’s totally up to you.

Third - choosing your ring design. You’ll find a range of sample engagement ring designs in our studio, as well as our core designs on our website. As a custom jewellers, we’re able to recreate these designs, make bespoke changes, or craft your unique idea. We’ll be able to discuss your design in depth, and original ideas will be CAD and 3D printed - ensuring the ring is as functional as it is beautiful. 

Fourth - leave it with us. Once you’ve finalised your design and chosen your stones, our artisanal jewellers will start crafting your ring. Each of our jewellers are experts in their specific field, meaning each part of the ring will be finished to exceptional standards. Trained in the best of traditional methods, our jewellers are perfectionists, constantly working under microscopes to check the quality of their work.

Fifth - it’s all yours. Our production manager will confirm the quality of your ring meets our high standards, and we’ll be in touch to arrange your collection or delivery. Once the ring is all yours, you’ll be able to have your ring resized, polished and cleaned whenever you need with our lifetime care package.


What is a bespoke engagement ring?

Over the years, Holts Gems have curated a diverse core collection of engagement rings that are designed to suit a range of tastes. From simple classics to contemporary engagement rings, and those that are a little more unusual - we’re able to cover the bases at Holts Gems. 

With a workshop located within our Hatton Garden studio, Holts Gems specialise in handcrafted, bespoke engagement rings. True artistry is at the heart of what we do, and since its establishment, Holts Gems has supported traditional master craftsmanship, working with both accomplished and up and coming goldsmiths. Whether you choose a design from our core collection or bring us an idea of your own, each engagement ring is bespoke, handcrafted specifically for you. Designs from our core collection can be tailored to suit the bespoke engagement ring idea you had in mind. If you have a unique idea of your own, our design experts will CAD and 3D print your bespoke engagement ring before the concept enters our workshop, to ensure the design holds up and is everything you hoped for. 

Crafting each piece from scratch allows you the opportunity to choose the perfect combination of diamonds or gemstones for your bespoke engagement ring design. Our diamond and gemstone experts will show you a selection of stones that most suit what you’re after, working to meet your budget, and never push beyond it. Proud supporters of the Kimberley Process and the UN’s commitment to eradicate conflict diamonds, Holts Gems only source GIA certified diamonds and gemstones from local, trusted suppliers.


How long does it take to make a bespoke engagement ring?

There are so many benefits to creating a bespoke engagement ring - from adding your personal touch, to knowing the provenance of the diamond or gemstone and ensuring the metalwork has been crafted by experts - for you and only you. Once the design is finalised and the diamonds or gemstones are chosen, your bespoke engagement ring will take between two and four weeks to craft, which is when our artisanal goldsmiths will get to work. Using the best in traditional methods and contemporary technology, our jewellers channel their passion into crafting each bespoke ring to the highest standards - constantly checking their work under microscopes to check the ring is structurally sound and flawlessly finished. This is impeccable craftsmanship with enduring results.

Your ring may take slightly longer to create if the design is a little more complex. During your consultation, we’ll be able to let you know the exact due date as according to the particular design you choose.

If you’re ready to have your bespoke engagement ring crafted, would like to view a hand chosen selection of diamonds or gemstones, or have some questions in the meantime, get in touch to book your appointment with one of our experts.