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    1.62ct Pink Sapphire Trilogy Ring
    1.62ct Pink Sapphire Trilogy Ring
    1.62ct Pink Sapphire Trilogy Ring

1.62ct Pink Sapphire Trilogy Ring

£2,300.00 Inc. VAT


Key Features of the 1.62ct Pink Sapphire Trilogy Ring:

  • Centre Stone Brilliance: At the heart of this ring sits a breathtaking 1.62-carat pink sapphire, elegantly cut into an oval shape capturing light from every angle, illuminating its owners' hand with its radiant glow.
  • Diamond Embellishments: Flanking the sapphire are two perfectly matched diamonds, summing up to a total carat weight of 0.5. Each diamond has been selected for its exceptional clarity and colour, creating a mesmerising sparkle that complements the central gemstone.
  • A Trilogy of Timeless Romance: The three stones represent the journey of a relationship, with each stone symbolising a significant chapter, celebrating the essence of a love that is eternal.
  • Precious Metal Craftsmanship: The ring is set in two tone with rich 18k yellow gold with 18k white gold around the sapphire and diamonds. The band is polished to a high shine, illustrating the meticulous attention to detail in its creation.
  • Stunning Sapphire Dimensions: With impressive dimensions of 7.7x6.1mm, the pink sapphire is an eye-catching focus point, showcasing a subtle blend of size and elegance to flatter any hand.
  • Size M, resize available 
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Ring Size Guide

Diameter (mm) UK & Australia
14.1 mm F
14.3 mm F1/2
14.5 mm G
14.7 mm G1/2
14.9 mm H
15.1 mm H1/2
15.3 mm I
15.5 mm J
15.7 mm J1/2
15.9 mm K
16.1 mm K1/2
16.3 mm L
16.5 mm L1/2
16.7 mm M
16.9 mm M1/2
17.1 mm N
17.3 mm N1/2
17.5 mm O
17.7 mm O1/2
17.9 mm P
18.1 mm P1/2
18.3 mm Q
18.5 mm Q1/2
18.7 mm R
18.9 mm R1/2
19.2 mm S
19.4 mm S1/2
19.6 mm T
19.8 mm T1/2
20.0 mm U
20.2 mm U1/2
20.4 mm V
20.6 mm V1/2
20.8 mm W
21.0 mm W1/2
21.2 mm X
21.4 mm X1/2
21.6 mm Y
21.8 mm Y1/2
22.0 mm Z
22.2 mm Z1/2

How to measure

1. Grab a tape measure, length of string or strip of paper.

2. Wrap it around the finger you’ll wear your ring on—if you’re creating a ring stack, consider where on your finger the ring will sit—and mark the place where it joins.

3. Lay your string or paper strip on a flat surface and use a ruler to measure the length up to the mark. Use the chart above to match the measurement to the closest Holts & Gems ring size.

Want another sizes or not sure your partern's size?

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  • 1.62ct Pink Sapphire Trilogy Ring
  • 1.62ct Pink Sapphire Trilogy Ring
  • 1.62ct Pink Sapphire Trilogy Ring

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