We only have a small selection of our loose gemstones on the website, if you have a particular requirement please complete our contact form or pop in and see us at 98 Hatton Garden

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  1. 1.03ct Octagon Cut Emerald 7.4x5.3mm


  2. 1.13ct Octagon Cut Emerald 7.4x6.0mm


  3. 1.34ct Octagon Cut Emerald 7.5x5.85mm


  4. 0.94ct Pair of Round Faceted Emeralds 5.1mm


  5. 3.51ct Pair of Trapiche Emerald Slices 9mm


  6. 0.96ct Marquise Emerald 9.5x5.1mm


  7. 2.01ct Oval Cut Emerald 9x7.1mm