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 Frequently Asked Questions


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About Holts Gems

Where is your store? +

We're located in the heart of Hatton Garden. You can get directions here on google maps or look up our address:

Holts Gems, 98 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8NX

When is the Holts Gems store open? +

Monday to Friday: First appointments from 11am, last at 6.30pm

Saturday: First appointments from 11am, last at 5.30pm

Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed

If you'd like to visit us in store, please book an appointment. This helps us to prepare for your appointment, source the diamonds or gemstones you're after and ensure we have a member of staff available to meet with you.

How long does a ring take to be made after ordering +

Whilst we have a catalogue of existing designs online and in store, we still make every ring from scratch. After all, it’s nice to know the ring was made for one person and one person only. This allows you to make design alterations, to select your own diamond or gemstone, and for the ring to be tailor made.

Our rings usually take between 2 to 4 weeks to make (depending on the complexity of the design), because they are crafted from scratch. If a ring is needed in a shorter time frame, we may be able to produce the ring more quickly depending on the schedule of our goldsmiths and production team.

We also have a number of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets on display in our Hatton Garden store, which are usually available for immediate purchase.

Do I have to come into the store to make an order? +

We usually encourage our clients to view diamonds and gemstones in person, but if you're unable to come into the store, we are able to organise orders via email or over the phone. Please get in touch to discuss your order.

If you're unable to make it into the store, we can ship you order (including internationally) once it's ready.


Gemstones & diamonds

Do you use ethical diamonds and gemstones? +

At Holts Gems, we take the provenance of our diamonds very seriously, sourcing only GIA certified diamonds from the most trusted suppliers. We proudly support the UN's Kimberley Process, which is putting an end to the trade of blood diamonds (or 'conflict diamonds') sourced from countries experiencing conflict, or any country where the mining of diamonds may fund illegitimate wars and conflict. Thanks to the work of the Kimberley Process, now over 99% of the diamonds within global trade are conflict free.

Whilst gemstones aren't so heavily regulated, they are easier to trace in terms of their country of origin - which enables us to use our ethical discretion when sourcing gemstones. We do not source gemstones from Myanmar, due to the ongoing internal conflict.

We use the most well regarded and transparent local diamond and gemstone suppliers, with whom we have ongoing, trusted relationships.

We celebrate the economic opportunities that legitimately sourced diamonds and gemstones bring to their mining communities. Communities across the globe are upheld by the legitimate trade of diamonds and gemstones, encouraging economic growth, internal infrastructure and greater educational opportunities, all of which contribute to local development.

The diamond and gemstone industries have come a long way in establishing trade that is fair, ethical and regulated - but there's still some way to go. At Holts Gems, we hope that someday in the not-too-distant future, 100% of diamonds and gemstones in the global trade are conflict free - and in the meantime, we'll keep doing our bit.

How can I guarantee my diamond is ethically sourced? +

If you feel uneasy about buying a mined diamond, you may want to consider a lab grown diamond. Lab grown diamonds are grown in synthetically produced environments that mimic the natural process of a diamond forming. The process is much quicker, and takes place within laboratories, diminishing the need to mine the stones.

There are various pros and cons to lab grown diamonds, but whatever your viewpoint, lab grown diamonds are scientifally real and are in no way synthetic or 'fake' diamonds.

Please book an appointment or get in touch to discuss sourcing a lab grown diamond.

Which gemstones are suitable for engagement rings? +

Not all gemstones are suitable for engagement rings, as the stones are too soft for a ring that is designed to last a lifetime. The most ideal gemstones will measure 7.5 and above of the Mohs scale of hardness.

Diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds are considered the most suitable gemstones for engagement rings, thanks to their durability, lustre, beauty, and rarity - and can be found in pretty much any colour.


The bespoke process

Why bespoke? +

There are a number of reasons we choose to make each pieces of Holts Gems bespoke, from scratch. First of all, there's nothing like the feeling of knowing your engagement ring, wedding rings or a precious piece of jewellery has been custom made for you. Creating bespoke jewellery provides you the opportunity to make the exact piece you're after, to add your personality and create something totally one-off and charming.

Tailor making each piece allows us to work to your specific budget. We use set setting prices, allowing us to source diamonds and gemstones according to your remaining budget. The flexibility of creating a bespoke ring means not having to push your budget or searching in vain to find an existing piece that works - instead, we'll make the piece work around your requirements.

As we create each piece to order with in-house goldsmiths, we're able to keep our overhead costs lower and avoid accruing expensive stock - which translates to the price you, the buyer, pays. This means our prices remain low and fair.

What is the bespoke process of making a ring? +

First you'll meet with one of our experts, having let them know a rough idea of the setting you're after, the diamond or gemstone shape and a budget guideline. Using their gemmology expertise, they will have arranged a variety of the finest diamond or gemstone options for you to choose from - always sticking to your budget.

Second we'll discuss your design in greater depth. You'll be able to view a range of sample rings we have in our studio, or show us ideas of your own. This is the time to think about metal colour, adding extra detailing or a personal touch.

Then, your unique design will be CAD and, if necessary, 3D printed. This allows our team of design experts to ensure the design is as every bit practical as it is beautiful. This is your opportunity to make any final tweaks.

Finally your ring will enter our workshop as a concept, and soon leave as the finished article. The mount will be crafted, the diamonds or gemstones set and the whole piece polished before being hallmarked. Once the ring has passed our quality control check, we'll be in touch to let you know its ready.


Pricing & payment

How do you price your engagement rings? +

Each of our signature engagement ring designs have a set price for the setting alone. The cost of diamond or gemstone centre is then added to the setting price. The prices you see on our online product pages are indicative prices, assuming the centre stone is a 0.30ct diamond.

If you would like an accurate quote for your engagement ring or bespoke jewellery, please get in touch.

Which payment methods do you accept? +

We accept

  • VISA debit and credit cards
  • MasterCard and Maestro
  • Bacs transfer
  • Cash payments

We cannot accept payments made with American Express.


Delivery & returns

If I don't love my engagement ring, can I return it? +

Yes, you are able to return your engagement ring - provided it is in saleable condition (unworn and undamaged) and meets our returns requirements. Get in touch to see if your item is eligible for return.

We actually offer to remake any engagement ring if you don't (or the recipient doesn't) totally love it, for no extra fee. You can learn more about this from our returns policy - get in touch to find out more.

Can I return other jewellery? +

You can return any Holts Gems jewellery that doesn't meet your standards, provided the jewellery is unworn, undamaged and in saleable condition. For hygeine reasons, we are unable to accept returns of pierced jewellery items, such as earrings. You can learn more about this from our returns policy - get in touch to find out more.

Can I have my order delivered +

Most of our clients prefer to collect their finished jewellery in store, but we know this isn't always practical. We are able to offer insured, next day delivery both across the UK and internationally.

We don't charge for national shipping, but international shipping may incur a fee (this varies from country to country). If you'd like to know how much shipping will cost to your address, please get in touch.

Is it safe to have my engagement ring delivered? +

We use insured, next day delivery via Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed (Next Day Service) and FedEx Priority Service. These are both tracked and signed for.

If you're worried about an unexpected delivery ruining any surprises, you can rest easy that we are always discreet with packaging, and will let you know exactly what day your delivery will arrive. You may prefer to have your engagement ring delivered to an address where your partner won't recieve the package, such as your workplace. This can easily be arranged during your appointment or by getting in touch with your consultant.



What does your aftercare package include? +

Each engagement ring, wedding ring or piece of jewellery crafted by Holts Gems comes with an aftercare packaged designed to keep your precious item in top condition.

Fine jewellery is crafted to last a lifetime, and it's important to look after it properly. We offer a lifetime of 'servicing' - our goldsmiths will check over your jewellery to ensure it is as structurally sound as the day it was made, and assess whether any alterations are needed. We recommend you bring your Holts Gems jewellery into the studio every year or two.

We also offer a lifetime of cleaning, polishing and resizing services, should your ring or jewellery need a little pick-me-up.

How can I care for my engagement ring at home? +

Engagement rings should be looked after properly - not only will you want to keep your diamonds or gemstones looking bright and clean, but you should be careful to keep your metalwork in prime condition. Here are our tips for looking after your engagement ring at home:

Clean your diamonds or gemstones with hot water and Fairy liquid. Diamonds are oleophilic, meaning they attract oil and grease, which are easily picked up from daily lotions, being out and about and touching the stone with your fingers. The washing up liquid will cut through the grease. Use a soft toothbrush to work the liquid around the stone and setting, and rinse with hot water. Remember - never do this over an open sink! Carry out the cleaning in a small bowl to avoid losing your ring to the drain.

Avoid abrasive cleaners that contain micro particles, as well as wire brushes. These can scratch the surface of the metal work and leave the ring looking dull.

Take your ring off in situations where the setting may become damaged. Platinum and 18k gold are strong, but not impervious to bending, denting or scratching under pressure. Take your ring off at the gym or during phsyical activities that might cause damange.

Don't be too heavy handed, particularly if you're wearing other rings. Knocking rings together can cause damage.

What should I do if a diamond or gemstone seems loose? +

In the unlikely occurence that a diamond or gemstone appears loose, we advise you bring the ring to us as soon as possible. Settings rarely become loose if the ring has been well cared for, but if you're worried, it's best to get an expert opinion. We'll check over the ring and advise if any work is needed to tighten the setting.