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FAQ Section 1

Question: Do you have a shop?

Answer: Yes, our showroom is in Hatton Garden, where you can see our a whole product range including fine jewellery, precious loose gemstones, and meet our team to discuss anything you have in mind or ask questions. Please note, some of our online items are kept off-site. Please call in advance if you would like to view these by appointment.

Question: What are your contact details?

Answer: Holts Gems, 98 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8NX Tel. +44 (0) 20 7405 5286 Email: or

Question: What are your opening hours?


Mon – Fri 9.30am -17.30pm

Sat – 11.30am - 16.30pm

We are closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays

Question: How do I find you?

Answer: By public transport, the nearest tube stations are Chancery Lane (Exit 4) or Farringdon which are a short walk away. Buses: 8, 17, 25, 45, 46, 242, 341, 521 and X91


FAQ Section 2

Question: What do you sell?

Answer: A variety of loose natural precious and semi-precious gemstones and diamonds. A bespoke, ‘rock to ring’ service, using the skills of our specialist designers gemmologists, lapidaries and master goldsmiths.

A number of services including gemstone and jewellery valuations for insurance purposes, jewellery repairs, gemstone cutting and polishing.

Collections of fine jewellery.18ct white and yellow gold and platinum chains and necklace clasps. A collection of objets d'art, carvings, mineral specimens.

Beads, mainly as 16 and 18 inch strings but also individual beads.

Lapidary equipment and accessories which include our own line of lapidary cutting and polishing line of machinery, designed and built by Holts Gems. Also such accessories as drills, laps, abrasives etc. A selection of synthetic materials like C.Z. and paste (we do not sell paste pearls).

Question: Do you buy gemstones?

Answer: Yes, please bring your items to our showroom – prices can only be discussed upon inspection of the gem material you are selling. The best time to come in for this is before 11.30am or after 3pm, Monday to Friday.

What kind of stones are you looking for? In general, we are only interested in large gems of high quality, or unusual items but we will look at  and consider all gemstones.

Question: Do you buy jewellery?

Answer: Yes. Pieces to be sold can be brought to our showroom for appraisal. The best time to come visit the shop is before 11.30am or after 3pm, Monday to Friday.

Question: Do you provide valuations?

Answer: Yes, we can value jewellery and gemstones for insurance purposes for which we will produce a certificate of insurance replacement value.

At Holts we have been dealing with stones and jewellery for over seventy years. The experience and knowledge we have acquired over this time is available to you in our valuation and gem testing service. Our on-site service will provide you with detailed identification of the jewellery pieces with their descriptions and values for the purpose of insurance valuations.

Our insurance valuation service starts  from £80+ VAT, but depends on the individual item (average price £120 + VAT).

There is no need to book an appointment. We only perform valuations during the week (Monday – Friday). We require at least 24 hours to perform a valuation although we may be able to offer a same day turnaround depending on workload. When left with us, you will be given a full record  and receipt of the items in our care. This includesa photocopy and receipt of all items .

We pride ourselves in being thorough and all valuations will contain photographs of the item(s), estimated weights (or specified where certificates are supplied) and colour stones will be tested and verified in our laboratory. Your items will be kept on our premises at all times and be insured whilst in our care. We kindly ask that you bring along any documentation associated with the piece to be valued. 

Question: Do you provide insurance?

Answer: For items of jewellery valued under £5000 you have the opportunity to purchase insurance cover with- our own specialist jewellery insurance broker 'MarchGuard'. This is offered on either a one or three year basis. For items over £5000 the insurance needs to be organised directly with 'March Plus Jewellery Insurance'. For an instant quotation call on 01822 855 555 and quote our unique reference number AH724T. For more information ask in store. Insurance can be provided for jewellery and loose stones and beads.

What are the benefits of insuring with you?

One immediate advantage is that you are covered the moment you walk out the door. If you need to claim for loss or damage, repairs/replacement will be done by us so you are secure in the knowledge we are looking after you every step of the way. Other advantages include no excess and all risk cover (loss, damage, theft). Please ask in-store for full details.

I am coming in for a valuation, can I also purchase insurance?

You’re able to organise insurance for items or jewellery and watches not purchased by us and thereby reaping the benefits outlined above. To do this you need to organise it directly with March Plus Jewellery Insurance. For an instant quotation click on this link and quote our unique reference number AH724T or call on 01822 855 555. For more information please ask when you come in for your valuation. 

Question: Do you provide gem testing services?

Answer: We do provide testing services for which we issue a Test Certificate.

The fee for this service starts from £40 + VAT.

Certificates do not state pound values, but will state the species and variety of the gem material and in some cases comment on any treatments performed. We do not issue reports regarding the geographical origin of gemstones.

Question: My pearl necklace needs re-stringing, can I have it repaired at Holts?

Answer: Yes. Our stringing charges start from £20 +VAT per 16-inch row (average price £36 + VAT) and multiples thereof for longer rows or multi strand necklaces. More intricate work may be associated with higher costs.

Question: Do you provide a Bespoke Service?

Answer:  Yes, we have a team of award-winning designers in-house to work with you creating a unique item.

We are particularly proud of our design and goldsmithing skills, having provided these services to the trade for over 60 years. It is thanks to our incredible team that we were awarded Jewellery Retailer of the Year, for our exceptional bespoke jewellery services.

Our team specialises in bringing unlimited flexibility to the design process thanks to the in-house design, gem and manufacturing expertise at their disposal.

You book directly online via our Create Your Own section and we will contact you to confirm your appointment.

Alternatively, call us on 020 7405 5286 or email

If you would prefer to discuss your budget in the absence of your intended, please contact your designer to make a note of your requirements prior to your appointment. To further add to the occasion, we can issue an appointment gift postcard.

How do I know my bespoke design will turn out the way I imagined?

During the bespoke process, there is a design review meeting where your designer presents you with unique hand-drawn creations for you to choose from and to approve. We will listen to your feedback and incorporate this into the designs.


FAQ Section 3

Question: Do you host events at Holts?

Answer: Yes, we hold seasonal newness events. Sign up to our email newsletter to receive news of events!

Question: Can I hire your showroom for an event?

Answer: Yes, please contact us on 020 7405 5286 or email for more information.


FAQ Section 4

Question:I have seen something I like, but it is out of stock, can I still get it?

Answer: Most of our items are unique one-off designs, however, you can commission a bespoke creation similar to an out of stock item. Complete our form on the Create Your Own page.

Question: If I buy an item online, will it come with an insurance valuation?

Answer: Yes, any item priced over £1000 will automatically come with an insurance valuation.