Would you rather...?

Posted on the 17th October 2014

I'm sure you have all seen the article by Jewellery Focus that has everyone questioning whether or not women should choose their engagement rings or not? Traditionally, we think no but then again if you have an idea in your head, you will be disappointed if you don't get exactly what you want. Let's face it, you will be wearing it proudly every day and even the men have admitted to being absolutely terrified during the shopping process in case they get it wrong. The team at Holts have come up with a few tips to avoid 'choosing' your own engagement ring but also making sure you get what you want. 1. Drag your other half to the jewellery shops and casually comment on how much you love a princess cut diamond or why have 1 diamond on the ring when you can have 3? 2. Conveniently leave your magazine open on a page with your perfect ring on in a place you know your other half will find. Even if he doesn’t realise he’s seen subconsciously the ring will go in somewhere in his head! 3. Now, for all you Gentlemen out there, DO YOUR RESEARCH. You will need her ring size, perhaps try and find out her favourite stone, whether she wants platinum or white gold setting, how many stones, how big, you get the idea. But all of these things are very important to know before you begin your search. Or if it’s easier, pop into Holts in Hatton Garden to see our extremely talented gemmologists and design specialists and discover our bespoke and semi-bespoke engagement ring service. You can choose to have a ring hand-made completely bespoke having picked your diamond or you can choose a ready-made mount and we can set your diamond in for you. Whatever you decide, I am sure we’ll find you something truly spectacular. In addition, if you get your engagement ring with us we offer: -10% off a pair of wedding bands, an eternity ring and a pair of diamond stud earrings. -Lifetime guarantee on the above items (subject to ordinary wear and tear) - Complementary rhodium plating and cleaning service as required - An insurance valuation for the above items. For more information discover our online or explore our ‘Engage with Colour’ collection to get a little inspiration. And don’t forget to book your appointment by emailing us at info@holtsgems.com Good luck!