World’s oldest magazine goes crazy for latest ‘try before you buy’ technology

Posted on the 15th August 2011

The September issue of Tatler features the collaboration, which allows readers to see how jewellery worth millions from a number of luxury brands would look on them – assisted by nothing more than a pair of scissors and a computer with a webcam. Kate Reardon, editor of Tatler said: “I’m beside myself with excitement. We’re bringing together the worlds of high tech and high jewellery. Frankly, I’ll be spending the next week trying on diamonds at my desk.” Jonathan Chippindale, chief executive of Holition said: “We’re delighted Kate Reardon and the team at Tatler have appreciated the potential of augmented reality as it provides an excellent platform for Holition to further increase the creativity and potential of augmented reality technology. So many people are looking online for their favourite fashion or jewellery item but what about trying it on before going to buy? It’s all about experiencing the brand in a different way using a webcam – you don’t need to know the technical details you just want to try it on!”* Want to learn more? Go to *interview quotes courtesy of Internet Retailing You can also read the article featured on Retail Jeweller.