Trends of 2015

Posted on the 16th January 2015

I think it’s safe to say that 2015 is kicking off to a fantastic start! As a little treat for you, the Holts team have been working away to find you the top jewellery trends of 2015! I have to say, with Blue being my favourite colour, I am rather enjoying Aquamarine and Turquoise being key trends this year. The light and delicate sea blue colours of the Aquamarine gemstone will make for relaxing and calming colour whilst Turquoise’s playful vibrancy replicates the tropical atmosphere of the ocean, perhaps it’s a sign of a trip to the Maldives…! Entirely contrasting, the timeless and neutral nature of Toasted Almond creates a versatile yet chic look to your everyday jewellery wardrobe. What we call Pink or Peach Sapphires, is apparently called Strawberry Ice this year, evoking a cheeky charming look to your luxury jewellery collection. Holts London certainly can cater for this sassy trend with an elegant range of Engagement Rings, Dainty Studs and Stacking Rings. This trend is most definitely being neglected this year. Moving on to more sensual style, Tangerine and rich Masala are dominating 2015 as the foundation colours. Best get investing in those Garnet pieces ladies and gentlemen if you want to be this year’s trend setter. Epitomising spontaneity, energy and sensuousness, these amber hues are an investment worth making this year. Finally, the ever easy wearing Glacier Grey makes an appearance and will have you feeling pure peace and tranquillity. If that doesn’t scream ‘White Gold’, I don’t know what does… So there we have the key trends for 2015, and may I suggest taking a sneaky peek at our sale, you never know what you may find… Until next time!