Together in Electric Dreams

Posted on the 13th January 2012

Most recently, we’ve had the pleasure of supplying artist, Stuart Pearson-Wright with a collection of gemstones to include in the paintings of his current exhibition,‘Together in Electric Dreams’, which runs until 15th February at the Soho-based gallery, Riflemaker - the ‘coolest art space in town’ according to Vogue. The exhibition consists of an intriguing collection of arresting, hyper-real portraits. The subject of identity, particularly which we cultivate through our own behaviour and self-styling, is a prominent theme of the collection. A striking portrait of Kiera Knightly fronts the series, which includes a wall of bare-chested, heavily tattooed men, a cluster of smiling blondes and a china tea set. The private viewing was held last night and, guess what? We were invited! The gallery itself was small, charmingly intimate and fashionably down at heel. There was an eclectic mix of guests ranging from dauntingly cool arty types to earnest portrait enthusiasts, with a scattering of Pearson Wright’s sitters –the tattooed kind being the most evident. The buzzing atmosphere was no doubt intensified by the presence of Pearson-Wright, who cut a striking figure amongst the crowd. Dressed with aplomb in Edwardian-style riding breeches, he looked every bit the artist. We finally mustered up the courage to say hello – not expecting him to remember us at all – but he did! What a lovely man. And very talented, too. If you fancy checking out the exhibition for yourself and having a look at how Pearson-Wright used our stones in his work, further information can be found here: