Think Jewellery, Think Colour

Posted on the 14th June 2011

Melissa Lund, colour and fashion specialist, was on hand to give advice to customers at the Colour Me Fabulous event at Holts in Hatton Garden. In each fifteen-minute personal advice session, Melissa covered topics such as matching gemstones to your outfit, colour blocking your jewellery and choosing pieces that perfectly accentuate your skin tone. Having met with a few jewellery designers, Melissa was surprised to discover that jewellery designers are not always well informed about colour tones. She comments "knowledge of tonal colour theory is immensely useful for jewellery designers, as ultimately it will help them to increase sales and create successful commissions.It would be great if all jewellery schools had this as part of their syllabus, along with business and marketing advice." This is one example of many things that inspires Holts as it looks to further enhancing its educational ethos, whether this means organising customer-oriented activities in-store or jewellery-making courses at Holts Academy. Indeed, the Hatton Garden festival has generated a lot of interest in the technical skills involved in the art of jewellery making and Holts Academy were pleased to welcome enthusiastic students to their brand new premises at Petersham House this week. Perhaps classes in colour theory will soon be part of the syllabus... For more information on Melissa Lund, please visit