The magical stars of colour changing gemstones

Posted on the 25th September 2015

Happy Friday fellow gems geeks. Having seen a beautiful new Alexandrite earlier today, I was inspired to enlighten you all with the wonderful and weird facts of colour-changing gemstones. This unique optical characteristic makes it one of the most valuable gemstones of all, especially in fine qualities. I guarantee you will be calling up to book a bespoke appointment in no time... Alexandrite is the most well-known colour-changing stone with the famous little quote of ‘Emerald by day, Ruby by night’. The chemical elements beryllium (a major constituent in chrysoberyl) and chromium (the colouring agent in alexandrite) have contrasting chemical characteristics and do not as a rule occur together, usually being found in contrasting rock types, hence why the colour-change is so fabulous to look at. The stone is named after the Russian Tsar Alexander II (1818-1881) Alexandrite’s main source is in fact Russia. Garnet’s possess very similar properties as Alexandrite referring to the drastic colours red to green. Zultanite is another phenomenal gemstone with colour change qualities but unlike Alexandrite, it can change from greens in sunlight to pinky-purples in candlelight. But the regal stone does not stop there, Zultanite can also exhibit hues champagne and canary yellows but the subtle pastel contrasts all the exuding colours make it a very wearable colour. A more subtle colour-changing gemstone is the ever coveted Sapphire. The change is much more common in with the blue and purple Sapphires but it a very unique and rare phenomenon but captivatingly beautiful at the same time. I hope this short and sweet blog has taught a little and we would love to know which gemstone is your favourite…we all have one? Have a lovely weekend!