The Buzz for Bespoke Jewellery

Posted on the 18th October 2012

This week’s Stylist magazine ran a feature, ‘The Age of Bespoke Design has arrived’, discussing the demand for bespoke products. This is definitely a sentiment we can echo here at Holts; our in-house design team are busy all year round creating beautiful bespoke jewellery for our taste-conscious clients. Bespoke is the buzz-word of the moment; following the fast-fashion boom of the noughties, the mood appears to be moving away from mass-production as shoppers seek to personalise their purchases. Whether you are monogramming your leather wash bag or personalising your mobile with a chic cover, shoppers everywhere are adding that unique touch to their style. Bespoke styles are also popular presents; there’s something about adding an individual touch that makes a gift feel all the more precious. Here at Holts, our skilled in-house design team create exquisite, unique pieces for our clients. Customers frequently come to our designers with a personal design brief, from revamping a family heirloom for a contemporary purpose to incorporating birthstones into a bespoke piece to give hidden, individual meaning. A simple but equally meaningful way to personalise jewellery is with an engraving; a concealed message on the inside of a ring band is both touching and timeless. With Christmas just around the corner (yes, I know!), now is the time to book an appointment with a jewellery designer if you are considering creating a bespoke piece for someone special this year. Feel free to email us at or call us on 020 7618 4253 to discuss your bespoke ideas.