The best thing about April?...Diamonds Darling

Posted on the 3rd April 2015

I don’t know about you but April has to be one of my favourite months. Spring is in the air, bridal season is about the kick in with full force and April is the birthstone of the ever desired Diamond and I think it is rather fitting. The Diamond is one of the most explored gemstones and is coveted by the world for its eternal beauty and brilliance. The name ‘Diamond’ is derived from the ancient Greek world adámas for ‘unbreakable’, ‘unalterable’, ‘invincible’ or ‘untamed’, reflecting its unyielding quality and endurance. Diamonds traditionally are colourless but they do occur in several other colours including yellow, brown, pink, blue and black and sometimes even red. Holts can offer you an extensive range of Diamond jewellery from engagement rings, to Eternity Rings to Earrings. Just a little something we’ve heard on the grapevine…Blue Diamond’s are becoming rather trendy at the moment… For all you brides out there or those looking for an Engagement Ring but not entirely sure what you have in mind, explore the idea of bespoke. You choose the gemstone and the ring mount and you can leave the rest to our talented in-house team to create your perfect Engagement Ring. Better get booking! Until next time!