The 4 Cs: Cut

Posted on the 10th November 2016

Definition: Cutting is the process of turning the rough material into fashioned gemstones.
Gemstones come in a variety of shapes (ie. the outline of the gem form), such as oval, round, square, pear…our lapidaries then fashion the stones into many different cuts. The cut is selected to enhance the gemstones natural beauty.
Other cuts take into account the hardness (read more about the MOHS Scale) and the durability of the gemstone material. For example, emerald cuts have the corners trimmed at an angle to better protect it from knocks. These cuts are perfect for gemstones such as emerald and other less stable gemstones.
Some cuts are chosen to accentuate or display the colour of the gemstones, Tourmaline gemstones are often long and bi-coloured or even tri-coloured as seen on our Watermelon Tourmalines; this is why a baguette emerald cut is usually chosen to best display these colours.
Another popular type of cut is cabochon, they feature a flat base with a domed top. These come in many shapes (oval, round, freeform etc). Cabochon cuts are commonly used with opaque materials like lapis lazuli, turquoise, jasper and many more.
Our master craftsmen in our on-site lapidary workshop can fashion any gemstones into any shapes according to our customers requirement as well as repairing or re-polishing a gemstone to its original condition. Some materials are more fragile than others so we will always need to see your item before we quote.