Teacher Training!

Posted on the 27th February 2014

On Monday 24th February our lapidary workshop received a visit from Toyin Ayoola, Science teacher at Sir George Monoux College in Walthamstow. Toyin was taking part in an educational scheme the sixth form college is running that sees teachers leaving schools to visit a workplace and observe a business relevant to their subject. During her visit to Holts our lapidary team took Toyin on a tour of the workshop, demonstrating the different machines and tools used here at Holts. Our lapidary Jan Huyghe showed Toyin how to drill an Aventurine stone, in this case a piece commissioned by a client for a pendant design. Our in-house Goldsmith Jonas Mace was also on hand to demonstrate his work for Toyin; Jonas joined Holts at the end of 2013 and is now goldsmithing on site. Of her visit Toyin said ‘I enjoyed every second spent in the workshop, I picked up practical ideas to enhance my teaching. I was able to link theoretical teaching about rocks and metals to its practical applications in the workshop – I made lots of notes!’ Toyin also saw customer jobs in progress ‘I noticed that repair work was handled very carefully, nothing but the best is good enough!’